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I think THAT’s Abby right.
A fellow harpie to tell hin the con’s, like flying.


Knowing your a special little flower


Relearning to walk and use your hands
Knowing you can never be a true part of human society
Face feathers

plurals don’t use apostrophes, dammit.

It’s a DRINK, Ike. Guinness, at a guess. Hopefully Abby is going to pitch in now. She’s probably a lot better at this than Ike.

The important distinction is, of course, that a proper turning with a fully-functional medallion will give Sam the best of both worlds, able to assume an accurate semblance of humanity in an instant. Based on Michelle’s experience, the medallion’s magic eliminates any dysmorphic sensations while in human disguise. Tony’s atypical turning could see him stuck with this form for a long time, especially since medallion-crafting seems to be a lost art. Indeed, whatever the actual composition of their beings, I wouldn’t want to raise the hopes of Tony or Sam on that score.

If I remember right, if Sam is a ‘Monster’ like Abby or Ike – he won’t be able to get a Medallion.

How will this be resolved? Will Antony turn out to be shapeshifter? Will he dream of his father? Will Ike ever get his foot out of his mouth? Find out next week sometime in the future.

*If it didn’t work that was meant to be a strike though on ‘next week’.

Very interesting with more of the backstory on Sam. I pity his situation, growing up to believe he’d hit lion/bird puberty only to find out he’s stuck as a human. It just goes to show about perspective, never knowing about the other half leaves you disoriented and possibly damaged when pushed out of your environment while expecting to be a part of that environment and not quite making it over leaves you as the outsider in a city of outsiders.

Tony is right, I could see how that story of Ike’s (however unintended) could be trying to make him feel grateful for what he has… which what he has at the moment is a loss of family, home, and a sense of balance in the world. For Ike, the story sounds more like something he wants to believe in – that he received a gift rather than a curse. The world is a strange place, your trash my treasure. Time may help in all their cases.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing father, mother, or some other relative of Tony’s at some point making an appearance and greeting his change as a happy surprise. At least… that is the best to hope for outside a complete reversal or medallion he can use.

Just a thought – maybe he does have a link to a medalion – that one that Tony said gave him a shock in Madame U’s
Sure since its not a typical turning he can only revert to midform or something. Or am I seeing links that aren’t there? I probably am – I’ve had too much wine this evening and I swear I briefly managed to link David Bowie to the Tooth fairy.. can’t quite remember how

Motive… Means… Opportunity
(Motive) Sam wants to go Griffin-Lion… very, very badly.
(Means) Sam is a novice magic user being trained by Abby’s husband, Tim, the accident-prone horned sorcerer. Sam hopes to learn how to ‘fix’ his medallion.
(Opportunity) Sam wouldn’t be the first apprentice to get his hands on a little knowledge… and perhaps one of Madam U’s medallions, too… and get himself or someone else caught in the back-blast when his extracurricular project goes “pear-shaped”.

Just having fun connecting the dots. Likely 99.9999% wrong.

I must declare that we need ‘Ike Backstory Bubbles’ from now on. Think of it like instruction manuals, where they have a little man pointing out ‘careful: blah blah.’ You could press a button to hide or reveal them.

Cause I love backstory, and these pages are win.

I think the moral of the story is that when life tells you that you’ll get lemons, sometimes it’ll give you oranges. And when life gives you oranges, you might as well make a mean orange sorbet. You might not like orange sorbet, but it’s better than whining about how you wish you’d gotten the lemons instead.

Like Tim explained a while ago the medallion Tony touched in Prestor Johns may have broken the spell keeping him human but what i want to know is, if he is really a harpy then which of his parents does he inherit the genes from or has he inherited some from his father’s side and some from his mothers side assuming his father and mother are both hidden mythical creatures.

Oh good Lord this webcomic is good. I’m glad I stumbled upon it.
If I was in that Tony boy’s position, first things first I’d call my mother and tell her everything. Perhaps that’s because I’m a girl and I have a close relationship with my mother. Anyway! If he’s going to be stuck like this, he might as well fake his death, which will cause so much trouble for his mother, orrrrrr just tell his mother and have her except him / possibly explain the situation. She’s his mommy! And she looked nice! She’ll love him no matter what!

one thing that confuses me bout all this is that harpies have arms AND wings, though i supose any other unusual things bout are friend here wont come as much of a suprise.

In this comic at least, there are several sorts of harpies, just like there are several sorts of gryphons. Some have wing and arms, like Abbie, some only wing-arms, like Tony. In Skin Deep’s Wiki, it says there are 4 different kinds of harpies, but we only know about 2 of them.
Hope that was clear. :)

So… hitting puberty makes hair (fur/feathers/etc) grow, and makes you what you ‘really are’ instead of plain human… finding one of ‘your species’ medallions lets you pass as human. Secret places let you ‘hang out’ as furry/feathery/scaly — and it’s all because of magic which some folks only have shaky control of. Beware the Jabberwock.

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