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Illumination 2 Page 11

Illumination 2 Page 11 published on 49 Comments on Illumination 2 Page 11

The Caverns have a lot of dug-out tunnels in them but they connect to a bunch of natural-made caverns. It’s a big ol’ complex, which is why Michelle needs a guide, even if Ravi has made their guide a little CHEESED OFF. THANKS RAVI.


That is NOT a happy griffin.

*floof intensifies*

It’s hard not to smile at super floofy griffons.

If he gets any floofier, he will not be able to move anymore.

And yet… i still want to hug him simply to cuddle in that floof. i really have no self preservations at all.

See, I don’t want to do that. I’d have feathers in my eye, and fur up my nose, let alone the fact that he’s not in the mood for a hug. I much prefer my beloved shorthair burmese cat to other peoples longhair burman cats, and it’s not just because I’m less likely to get clawed. Floof ≠ enjoyable hugs. Nope.

even with the risks.. i just want to give the poor guy a hug. i may get clawed a bit (alot) but its still an effort to try and cheer him up. and because i wanna snugs the soft!

You lot don’t know how to read people. Or, and i truly hope this, are being reading-this-from-a-safe-distance ironic.

Especially in the light of his usual quiet, affable and friendly (the Danish word ‘hyggelig’ just about covers it) behaviour, this change is terrifying.

And, he’s ‘just’ angry. He still has himself under control, just showing his displeasure, mainly by not bothering with his disguise. His body language rather tells it all.

If James well and truly loses it… Well i guess Nuclear weapons can look friendly, after all.

It would be very, very interesting to get his back story, especially how he got those damages.

And Ravi must somehow be autistic (yes, i know, all autists are different) in the style of my son: completely unable to read othe people’s feelings.

Or, he is unbelievable thick.

I have not heard cheesed off in a good while wow….

And now I know the purpose of the Egg, but we still don’t know how it all works

Well, maybe Ravi will be USEFUL now, goodness me. And I’m glad he’s recognizing that maybe everything isn’t the Finn’s fault. And now, like most updates thus far but amplified tenfold, I am on the edge of my seat, desperate for more

James has very raptor-like eyes I’ve noticed. Are they accentuated like that because he’s ticked-off and his more aggressive instincts are closer to the surface? Or is it something more along the lines of James being as old as he is, and experienced as he is, is the most attuned to his true gryphon nature and exhibits the true traits of a gryphon, and his eyes are always like that when in full-form?

His children seem to exhibit slightly more human-ish traits even in their full forms–their eyes are less like an eagle’s or lion’s and more human. Perhaps that is a sign of their upbringing around humans, that they subconsciously use their medallions’ magic to appear more like a human even when in full form because they have always had to hide what they were from the non-magical world. James, being from a different generation and raised in a different time when hiding from humanity was perhaps easier, may never have felt quite as strong a pressure to fit in to human society and so does not cling to his medallion’s obscuring power. That could explain the eagle-like sharpness of his gaze and the softer, rounder eyes of his offspring.

Or I could be completely over-thinking things and it’s a simple artistic choice and means nothing deeper at all. Though, if the eyes are the windows to the soul, the James is a very scary being when he allows that side of himself out.

Hmmm…. Good question. It seems like James’ bird part is an eagle where most of the rest of the kids are a mix of other species based on their beak shapes. Jim, for instance, has a very crow-like look. I have been wondering if the real reason James wears glasses is to hide those eyes or at least soften their intensity. Would very much love to see more 411 on the Finn family—including why their eyes and beaks are so differet.

Canonically, Opinici and Common Gryphons are both lion/golden eagle hybrids. Mary’s decidedly non-aquiline beak, which she’s passed on to Jim, may be a result of her Wonderland heritage, or possibly magic her family was exposed to there – it’s the same shape as her Jub-Jub Bird brother.

Have we seen any other gryphon utterly infuriated with another individual in Skin Deep?
Not that I know of.
In Orientations, we saw Jim shift to full form to fight the MoMo and later Bloodcarver. We never saw Jim provoked into furious enragement during the fights, though, which is what Ravi’s insults against the Finns have done with James.

Whenever my gryphon shifter Dave gets angry, he changes his head into a beak so he doesn’t have to speak. “Don’t give me that ‘I have a beak on and can’t talk’ bullcrap!” says his girlfriend. :D

James is so in full fluff mode. Love it.

Something I should really have noted well before now, which we’ve seen for a week over on Patreon, how Ravi changes the subject in frame 4, so he doesn’t have to show any more than absolutely unavoidable of the limits to his knowledge.
He tosses a question at Michelle, to make her NOT notice the limits.

Hmm… makes no sense and confuses more than anything… is that Michelle’s visions, or Ravi’s “explanations”? :)

Michelle’s Visions.
It would seem that she has had a number of them, since the events of Homecoming and The One-Eyed Bear.
In both of those stories, set in 2004, no mention of having had Visions was made by Michelle.
When she attempted to trigger a Vision in Homecoming, by holding and concentrating on the case her Medallion had been kept in, her Sphinx Powers refused to work for her.
Page 11 of Homecoming

“impossible to trigger and more confusing than not” describes most visions pretty well.
I uh… Personally have had odd dreams most my life and sometimes, predict events.
I’ll be damned if I know why/how they happen and sure as hell can’t force them,
they don’t so much as make sense at the time as they kind of fall into place afterwards.
Headlines, weather, things my friends or family are doing or will do, births, deaths.
The only thing I know for certain, is that they only happen just before I wake up.
That sort of sleep level where you’re not quite awake but not in deep sleep either,
it’s not like sleep paralysis where some things are normal like being in bed.
They’re always like full dreams but, oddly structured like they’re written.
My only theory after all these years (currently 27) is that maybe, it’s like a radio.
We know brain waves exist and that they change across levels of sleep, so maybe.
Maybe it’s like searching on a radio for a channel with mostly static, but then
randomly you’ll get bits and pieces of a signal only the radio is the brain and
with the static being waves, and the signal being the “vision”?..

Based on zero knowledge of your dreams: Humans are storytelling animals: we like things to hang together. So when you have a dream full of illogic and dangling ends, your brain will snatch at anything that might explain events or tie off danglers, even if the connection is rather vague or late in coming.

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