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Does Ravi ever turn off the lecture voice and just chill and knock back a cold one? Or would he simply launch into an exhaustive history of the provenance of the hops plant and how we’ve managed to screw up something as simple as beer?

Hey future Michelle, what did you think of How to Train Your Dragon? Didn’t you find all those dragons adorable?

I’m guessing here that you’re talking about the CGI movie version of How To Train Your Dragon.
It’s a 2010 film, so it won’t be released for another 5 years.

The three movies (and the cartoons taking place between the first two) were based on, or inspired by, a series of books by Cressida Cowell. The first of those books was published in 2004, the second in 2005.

/His Majesty’s Dragon/, the first novel in the “Temeraire” series by Naomi Novik, was published in 2006. That series also features a plethora of dragon species openly interacting with humans.

At which point did the caveman-esque mythics begin to shun the human population? Or were they smarter than humans from the get-go and decided that apes learning how to craft clubs would lead to no good?
Also has there been more widespread hate between different mythics, seeing how humans are capable of warring amongs themselves for just how differently peoples’ noses are, let alone if some had wings and others fins? Or is it just a case of the apes being the more stupid ones? XD

How did Blanche and Tony meet? Looks like Blanche has spent his whole life living in the Avalon, so he must have been taken outside of it at some point!

That info used to be part of Blanche’s character description from Exchanges. A copy of that text is on his page on the Skin Deep Wiki.
“Blanche met Anthony Gillis in grammar school and the two have been best friends ever since. Keeping the fact that he wasn’t human from his best friend ate at him for years, until he finally decided to reveal himself to Anthony. To Blanche’s relief, Anthony seemed to be taking the news well, until Anthony started transforming into something inhuman. Blanche promised nothing weird would happen to Anthony, and now he’s falling over himself to try to set things right.”

With Totems being sort of spirit animals and being allowed to go into a full animal form, are they essentially bound to a certain location due to certain animals only being in certain regions of the world? It would be weird seeing like a Condor Totem in Maine or a Gator Totem in Michigan. But what if they need to visit a different Avalon?

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