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He’s boring not evil or a bad being. Doggy would know

**nods** Just what I was thinking. Ravi’s non-malevolent, even if he is annoying at times.

Honestly, I’m not worried about “malevolent” so much as “well-meaning but very mistaken about some key things”. I mean, he does look the type to me…

**snerk** That fist that James Finn is determinedly clutching against his chest says, “Will not punch guest; will NOT punch possibly-powerful guest. I learned better manners than that. Might bloody well tell off guest, but I won’t punch him…..”

Random questions for Kory!

How much magic is used for small tasks by regular people in communities like the LA? I’m thinking about people with no thumbs (or medallions) reading books and having a magical page turner or thought controlled pens for drawing or writing; that sort of thing.

Another one – Nobody’s perfect so what do you think some of the “flaws” might be for people like Blanche, Eleanor, or Abbie? Any gossip you’d be willing to dish out? :-)

Well, considering what Patreon sketches have apparently hinted about Ravi, his chattiness may be hard-wired, much as ants are in near-constant communication with each other. Indeed, his race, long revered as soothsayers and psychopomps, bears as its name the Greek word for “prophet” though in SD the word might be named after THEM. Best to consider them embodiments of the idea and leave it at that.

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