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Happy anniversary! =D

Also, omg Ravi have you no sense of personal space?!

Oooh, in spite of all the splendor and colorfulness, it’d be hilarious if the egg was just regular old bird egg.

All the colors remind me of whatever the heck was in that syringe waaaaay back when I had my tonsils removed.

Nurse: “This will make you feel better.” *Stabs

Me: “Wait a minute. You’re going to stick a needle this big in my ass, and it’s supposed to make me feel… whoa, color.”

(This was, as far as I can figure, the first stage of the anaesthesia, because it was just before being wheeled to the operating room.)

Better than when I had an operation a couple of years ago.

They told me what was going to happen, then gave me the first stage.
I felt nothing different.
Next, it was the endoscope up one nostril. All fine, had that done a few times in the preceding week.
Then the breathing tube, up the other nostril. It hurt. A lot. Probably more than anything else I have ever felt.

All I remember after that is some thrashing, some very “colourful” language that I would not usually even think of uttering being screamed, and a flurry of movement around me.

They had said that there would be a couple of minutes before the second stage, to let the first stage take effect fully, but the second stage was fully prepped and ready before the first stage was administered.

I strongly suspect that the second stage came a little earlier than was planned…

PS. Happy Anniversary Kory!

Whoa! The colorful magic coming out of the egg looks really cool! Painterly, maybe charcoal or chalk. Really gives the sense that it’s so powerful it seems out of place.

I’m prepared for the intense infodump to commense. I hope we get to see what it is the egg tells her; a lot happens between the time they go down into the cave to the end of last chapter. So far I’ve got no guesses as to what could happen, and/or who happens, but I can’t wait for it!

Happy Anniversary!! Hope there’s lots of fluffy cuddles with your spouse!

From the last panel, of the last page, of chapter 1, we know that Something Major happens in the caves, that lets Michelle access a midform, and alters her Medallion, from blank to a Sphinx design.
We were guessing infodump on her to explain things, with Ravi as the obvious suspect to do the infodump, due to his behaviour throughout chapter 1. Now though, I’m wondering if it might be the Egg itself that does the infodump in a Vision that makes sense, and not the dream like weirdness like in the tomb.

James: You. Interrupted. Me. You. Are. Touching. Me. STOP.

Ravi: What? What did I do wrong? Was it the talking thing? The hugging thing? Oooh, did you know your feathers and fur are really fluffy? Is it because it’s cold down here? Then again your entire island is cold…


Happy wedding anniversary Kory!

The colour glow from the Egg looks even better in the final version compared to what we saw on Patreon.

It’s surprising that Ravi did not know of the disguise covering the actual entrance to the Egg Room, considering that the construction of the Egg Room, the corridor, and the fancy decorated room immediately prior, were all done back when Phineas was still alive.

As for the last panel, Ravi STILL hasn’t learned that butting into a conversation and big noting yourself is not appreciated.

Well, that’s the spiral egg-comet thing from Michelle’s vision. Maybe it’ll provide her with a better picture. And I’m still wondering whether the Beatles ever visited.

Ringo: Now, that’s what I call a lightshow!

George: The light fantastic, man!

Paul: I think it’s time to change our image…

John: Lemme see if I can sketch some of this… it’d look great on an album cover…


So much of England being on chalk and limestone, tunneling is relatively easy (compared to the granite of the US Rockies, for example). The biggest cave system in Kent, Chislehurst, is entirely man-made, dug in Roman times as a source of chalk and flint (the size of the Phoenix Egg cave would be a tiny side-branch of Chislehurst, which has dozens of kilometers of tunnels). To find natural caves, you mostly have to go to the northern country, but the geology and amount of rainfall is certainly conducive to creation of natural cave systems.

Oh, Ravi… you’d think eventually you’d figure out that mortals have this thing called ‘personal space’. And that they don’t like having their stories told for them. But, at least you’re not dissing the host anymore, so partial marks. :)

Also, happy anniversary, Kory!

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