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Illumination Page 21: Ravi’s House

Illumination Page 21: Ravi’s House published on 43 Comments on Illumination Page 21: Ravi’s House

I will NOT be updating next Tuesday, July 14th! I’m going to SDCC!! I tried really hard to get a page done on time so I wouldn’t have to skip an update, but it didn’t happen, I’m so sorry!

If you’re going to SDCC, I’ll be wandering around, most likely dressed as Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road!! I will also be hanging out at Kel McDonald’s booth at Small Press M13, at the back center! I will be there FOR SURE on Thursday and Friday at noon, as I will be booth-sitting for Kel! So if you want to say hi, come by then!


Culture shock all over again. First Michelle has it in the beginning of the comic, then we see Tony get it, and now Michelle all over again.

Well, either that or the name Ravi strikes a chord in her and sends a hot jolt of anxiety through her. Poor girl. Greg you better hug her next page, which I will gladly wait two weeks for. And by that I mean check this website every day for the next two weeks until it updates.

Oh, and is that a stray manticore I see? And a Dean Daud smoking on the rooftops?

Yeah, that’s Ike heading somewhere.
I spotted Dean up on that balcony, when I first saw the pencils for this page, on Patreon, 5 days ago.

Unless Ike’s pink fur looks red in the shade, that must be “Statler” or “Waldorf”.


Everyone is presuming that the shop is still run BY Ravi.
As an example from the LA, Prestor John’s is run by Vadoma

Well, we already know that the Ravi Michelle’s father talked about in her dream is a long-lived being. The dialog implies, if not outright states that he helped the sphinxes at the end of the Great War and is still alive. Plus, the shop might be a relatively recent development. After living a few centuries, why not run a shop for a couple of decades?

Prestor John’s was far more likely named after the king because the founder liked the reference than any other reason, so I’m not sure it works as proof of anything.

Fantastic page as usual – I love Merial’s excitement at everything and the little comment from Lorne.
I appear to have missed something, though – who’s Ravi?

Remember, back on pages 10 & 11, when Michelle came out of the caverns and was grousing about an unclear message from beyond the grave? That was a reference to the message her father’s shade gave her while she was passed out in Fiddler’s Cave.

On page 24 of Orientations chapter 5, he says:

“Michelle . . .
I am sorry.

“The Jocastas
The Wosrets . . .
We can stop them.
That is why I woke you.

“The Great War.
Phineas the Red helped then . . . he is gone now.
Ravi is still here.
Ravi can help.

“I am sorry.
They have found me.
I must leave you now.

“They are planning an attack, you must warn them.

“I’m telling you so you’ll understand.
My Michelle.”

This may be the same Ravi.

I remember that name! It was on that place next to the entrance to the Underground club! Oh, and it was also the name Michelle’s father mentioned: “The Great War. Phineas the Red helped then… he is gone now. Ravi is still here. Ravi can help.” Yes, that’s a fair old span of time – the dude is probably pretty old. Maybe he’s the corvid guy we saw in Michelle’s vision. But never mind that! Get down there and see what’s on! Time to experience some British culture, girl! >:=)>

You can see the street level stairwell railing, for The Underground, in the left side of frames 4,5,and 6.
British culture, in The Underground?
errrr…. no.
Welsh culture from Cardiff.

All I can think about is how Michelle won’t be able to leave human shape in town because Sphynx-ness is a secret. Could be quite the overwhelming burden, that.

Yeah, that’s going to get awkward, isn’t it? It seems like half-form is standard wear in the Avalons, and Questions Will Be Asked.

Of course Colin is still human. He’s way too happy with that form for now to mess with it.

I don’t think Tony got too many stares, Elise seems to go around as fully human, and there is the son of some reverse-griffons that doesn’t have a monster form.

Tim’s student, Sam. He regularly cops mockery and flack from Jack, Phoenix, and Royce.
Elise, she stays human, because she says she can’t talk in full form. We suspect she’s never really put the effort into learning to talk in full form.

It’s less of a secret than it used to be. Thanks to a certain blabber-mouth angel, the inhabitants of the Dogpatch avalon learned, about a month before this story, that there is a sphinx named Jocasta associating with a satyr named Tragos, possibly in the area of Springfield, Missouri.

I wonder: how quickly is word spreading, and how garbled is it becoming?

Must be hard. She’s finally in a place where she’s supposed to fit in, but she’s still an oddity since she’s the only remaining sphinx. Unless of course she makes friends with Tony, the only male harpy.

She’s the only *known* remaining sphinx. Remember, Michael Jocasta’s shade said, “The Jocastas” — plural. That implies that Michelle has distant kin somewhere, either turned or unturned. Can Ravi help find some of them?

Quick question completely unrelated to the comic page but somewhat inspired by it, since the medallions allow a certain degree of control over the mid-forms, could any of the gryphons or winged lions keep a human head and try to pass as a sphinx mid-form, or would that be frowned upon?

Lorne+Merial+Colin: Platonic OT3! (Merial’s the Harry Potter of the trio, keeping the other two together until they find something they both like. Let’s just hope it’s not snogging and having babies together; even if it takes seven years, that’ll still be a bit of an age gap.)

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