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So THIS is when they decided to go into hiding! Wonder how they’re gonna fake their deaths. Surely just burning down their shop isn’t gonna convince every dragon they’re dead.

Was it previously stated that Michelle has so much power now because she’s the last sphinx and this has all the shared power?

…HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Awe Worset you naive little kitty cat. You honestly believe they will stop once their rival is gone? They will either find someone else to pick on or steamroll through anyone that tries to get in their way.

Perhaps, perhaps not. Having a common enemy is *great* for uniting people. “Winning” the war might fragment the dragons into following their own separate (and possibly conflicting) agendas.

I just meant that the violence won’t magically stop if the Sphinxes are “gone”. If anything it will get worse since the dragons won’t have any one group to focus on. And even if they do splinter, how many people do you think are gonna get hit in the cross fire of a civil war between Dragons?

Except that evidence suggests that they DID stop once the sphinxes disappeared. Remember, everyone thought that BOTH the dragons and sphinxes went extinct around the end of the war, that they wiped each other out. Your logic is sound, but we know this works, so we should be trying to figure out why the dragons stopped once the sphinxes vanished.

Well, for one thing they appear to have found some other way to hide the remaining dragons from humanity that didn’t involve medallions, and that was probably worth a lot more to them than continuing to fight with random other groups. I’m also guessing there weren’t a heck of a lot of dragons left at the end of the war.

I honestly have no comment to put down that is relevant to the story right now so all I am going to say is this. What the frelling heck am I missing here.

Michelle is the last known Sphinx in existence.

For the first couple chapters, everyone’s been SUPER-suprised that she’s a sphinx, because they’re all supposed to be long-extinct.

Today’s strip is part of a flashback that shows what happened to the sphinxes. And yeah, if you:
1. Cast a spell on your entire bloodline that says that you will turn into a human, and all your children will look human until/unless they get their hands on a Sphinx medallion;
2. Make Sphinx medallions super-rare; and
3. Never tell any of your descendants that they’re Sphinxes in the first place;

It’s really easy to get to what we see at the beginning of the series, where Michelle is a Sphinx via her dead father and nobody suspected there were any left (except for very few, very important characters that we don’t meet until several chapters in).

Also, I’m pretty sure that “egg” is the same one Phineas and his line have been guarding for ages.

Is this a way of foreshadowing that there is someone in the Wosret linage that’s still alive? I assume whoever it is hasn’t been awoken yet, which means the person would have had no contact with the egg and I assume Sphinxes can’t sense each other unless connected by the egg’s power. This whole arc has revolved around everyone making assumptions, so I don’t think it’s a ridiculous idea.

Not gonna lie, that’s actually pretty damn clever of a move. Not that it winds up working, mind, but points nonetheless.

There is, unfortunately, a pretty simple way for the dragons to foil this plan: Catch one sphinx alive, imprison it in such a way that it can only escape with the FULL power available, hide a surefire-even-then death trap along its escape route. As long as that sphinx lives (and hasn’t escaped and somehow avoided the trap), there must be more sphinxes in existence.

You would need to know how powerful is the full power, wouldn’t you?

However, giving the souls of the sphinxes to the Mistress to make sure that if a single one survives he or she will be hunted down by the demons, that might work.

I’ve had an ongoing theory based on what was said in Orientations.

The Bloodcarver mentioned a master.

The Brothers Grimm mentioned a mistress.

I think it’s Wosret and Joscasta. We don’t know exactly how long sphinxes live, and with Opinici living in the range of 200 years, 500 years give or take a few decades doesn’t seem implausible.

If that’s true then they are acting like giant assholes to their descendants and the descendants of their friends.

Also Bloodcarver said The Father with a capital T and F. And what I got from some legends there many assumptions about how long sphinxes can live. One said they only live as long as one human life. And another said that they can live forever. Also If the demons were serving a mistress I would assume that she would be hella the daughter of Loki.

Why would it be Hela? Was there some indication that they had Norse ties? There’s a few female demons and Scary Things in various European mythologies that they could be serving. Or it could be a completely original character

Not sure. Why would the dragons obey their old enemy?
As well, the mistress claims she owns the souls of the sphinxes, something a certain angel doesn’t seem to agree to. I’m not sure that is something to do to your own kind.
And Michele’s father came to tell her that the Wosrets and the Jocasas (and Ravi) can do something about what is coming, and the demons were very keen to get him back and lock him up. So I assume that the two sphinx lines are still about and kicking and can’t see why their foreparents would want to hurt them.
So many unanswered questions.
Is there a way to bribe Kory to get answers?

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