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So… pangolin totems? Scale art?

Assistant at Hoof and Nail Bar: Sure, we do scale art – paint, gems, veneers – the price list is *grabs and lays out portfolio* here.

Pangolin totem girl: Bleaching?

Assistant: Yes… but we’ll need proof of age or parental consent, or both, preferably. Same for drilling or routing or anything else permanent. Just to cover ourselves, you understand. Especially after that clandestine staining job nearly caused a civil war at the Mumbai Avalon…

Pangolin totem girl: *grumbles to self* Okay… just a rhinestone star then. *indicates picture* And… what’s wrong with using superglue?

Assistant: Nothing – we can superglue them on if you like – but we just get better results with the hot melt glue-gun. The gluesticks we use give ample positioning time, and we can just run a heat gun over them if you want them picked off – no marks or staining!

Pangolin totem girl: Doesn’t it… burn?

Assistant: Nah! Your scale are too thick, girl! Anyway, sit down there and we’ll get started.


And let me tell you, if she’s an armadillo totem in general, or a nine-banded armadillo totem in specific… she will be around for a VERY long time. Female nine-banded armadillos crank out identical quadruplets every eight months from the time they reach sexual maturity. Their population has increased (and continues to increase) to the point that in some southern states, they are considered pests because of the agricultural damage caused by their burrowing.

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