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Illumination 3 page 5

Illumination 3 page 5 published on 42 Comments on Illumination 3 page 5

This is page 500! Wow! Thank you everyone for reading for this long! I hoped that this page would be a little more exciting for being 500, but that’s the nature of long-form comics, I guess. It’s still a pretty good page, though! I mean I think so!!!


Aww, I feel kinda bad for Jim. This might be the first time in his life that he’s needed to act like a mature adult, and now he’s facing every adults nightmare, being useless and lost.
On a less depressing note, congrats on sticking it out all the way to 500 pages!

Whoohoo! 500 pages! [unleashes the Party Kittens]

The sadness and frustration that the next step cannot begin, or even be known, until some time has passed. Doubly so for the hyper folk like Jim.

Also yay 500! This is the part where you buy a cake, put 500 on it(bewildering the baker), and then eat it slowly over the next 2 weeks with pride. Satisfaction.

Jim said the right thing to do on the fourth panel, even though to Greg it doesn’t seem the right thing to do.
I suspect the plan was simply ssearching for answers, or at least clues towards answers. The thought of possibly upending MORE of the status quo in an even larger degree, had not occoured to any of them.

I hope we get to at least hear James’ side of the phonecall to bring the LA Elders in session.

Jim, the best thing to do is such situations is nothing. The elder Finns are doing everything they can; call in the authorities and then do nothing. Doing something when you don’t know what you are doing will usually just make things worse. Ravi is doing nothing, but it’s the wrong kind of nothing. He should be showing a little sympathy while doing nothing.

Hey Jim I have a plan. Get someone who is a telepath and get them to mind talk with Michele. Together they can probably put together the pieces of Michelle’s brain.

From what I’ve seen I think the only ones capable of telepathy were the sphinxes. I don’t know many mindreading magical creatures save for maybe some far eastern ones and I’m a sort of scholar on myths and legends.

You know Jimbo, it takes a big man to admit he doesn’t know anything. It takes a lot, I’ve only seen a handful of humans do that in my time on Earth.

Also I love the way you floof into your neck.

The neck floof IS adorable but no one ever comments on how awesome Kory does on using the ears on her creatures to show emotion too. I love the way Jim’s ears are tucked backwards in the last panel. My kitties do the same when they’re not happy.

I love that they put Michelle on a fainting couch.

Man, I feel so much for everyone right now. Not having a roadmap to solve all your problems really sucks… buuut it makes for a super interesting story. Can’t wait to see what all the fallout is from this!

Hey Kory could you show us in the next series of RQS the telepathic legend creatures in the L. A.

Honesty is good. Honestly is needed. Better a moment of doubt than trying to BS your way out of a situation…

…and making things way, way, worse.

As far as the LA Elders goes, Mary KNOWS when things are over everyone’s heads. And she called it last page, and got her husband to realise that it’s time to get help.

As for Jim and the others, things have blown straight through and way past everything they had planned, and now they are in uncharted territory. And yeah, Jim is doing the right thing by admitting honestly that he doesn’t know what else to do.

No, don’t make the call now! At least have the courtesy to wait until tomorrow to give Michelle some time to recover her wit, and then ask her if she’s okay with her secret being revealed to a bunch of old geezers most of whom she has never met!

Think about what time it is. Dinner time on a UK summer evening. They won’t be going back to the LA this evening. It won’t be till some time tomorrow, at the earliest, depending on how busy things are for the other LA Elders.
Don’t forget, one of them, a Nemean Lion, is the LA’s local doctor. So he’ll likely be too busy to break his schedule at short notice on LA Elders stuff. We have no idea what and where the day-to-day jobs are that the others on the LA Elders have.

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