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Honestly I don’t think giving Phineas fire powers is the best idea, he looks like he could easily turn into a giant fluffy pyromaniac

The words “giant fluffy pyromaniac” make this the best comment.

I don’t think “pyromaniac” is quite the right word. It implies that he *deliberately* burns down the city. Do you call him a pyro-klutz when he has a flaming oopsy?

“Flaming oopsy” was a TERRIBLE way to put it. But he has recently come to enjoy tavern trawls. A meady mishap is bound to occur.

I think “Flaming Oopsy” is an EXCELLENT drink name.

Well, I worked as a mixologist for a few years. I can tell you from experience that there are a number of flaming cocktails that could be used as a starting point, such as:

* Pumpkin Pie (named for its taste)
* Flaming Lamborghini
* Flaming Dr Pepper (which has no Dr Pepper, it just tastes kind of like one)
* Flaming B-52
* Bailey’s Comet
* Backdraft
* Flaming Asshole (I don’t know where this got its name. I’m not sure I want to know.)
* Flaming Sambuca
* Flaming Gorilla
* Flaming Mouthwash (no mouthwash in this one)
* Lucka the Nana
* Slow & Low Old Fashioned
* Cool Runnings
* Playing With Fire
* Goblet of Fire
* Tiki Dreams
* The Zombie
* Wandering Samurai

… and a whole lot more. I could probably list another 15-20 flaming cocktails.

I love the look of unease the sphinxes are giving.

Maybe not their first experience with a Yaksha. Defined in Wikipedia as “usually benevolent, but sometimes mischievous and sexually aggressive or capricious.”

Yeah, “capricious” we got in spades, here. I suppose we’re lucky Ravi doesn’t seem to have the “sexually aggressive” trait.

Well, Ravi, you haven’t been very serious about your promises. You did keep Phineas company, but you didn’t make sure that the egg was safe. You just assumed. What is the price for a Yaksha breaking his word?

Well, the egg was safe until present times. He stayed long enough to help with the cave’s decorations and such and I take he taught Phineas how to control his fire powers.

He had to leave because his kind didn’t see his interference with mortals with good eyes and called him back.

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