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Obverse & Reverse Ch4 Page 19

Obverse & Reverse Ch4 Page 19 published on 16 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch4 Page 19

Whatever it is, it’s sure making a heck of a racket!!

Hey, I’ve got new SHIRTS up at Topatoco! A very neat Dimetrodon and an ode to the Fresno Nightcrawlers! Check them out!


“your worst fear is fear itself”

even real wood can make some disquieting sound, by mixing the wind tensing the tree, with echo of the sound of woodpecker, the sound of water, and the occasional falling rock.
I would guess that even there, blind panic is currently more dangerous to them than whatever is making those sound. (even if said being is dangerous : he likely had not noticed them before, running away screaming is not really stealthy)

And in the end it’s the Jabberwock that’ll drop them put of the forest, ‘cose they were making so much noise.

Then when they wonder how ol’ Jabber wasn’t that bad in the end, it’ll just passingly mention it had eaten already and was trying to sleep of that.

Cube tree 1: “Well, getting rid of those yahoos was easier than I feared.”
Cube tree 2: “Yeah, we’re not exactly made to really physically chase them out …”
Cube tree 1: “Indeed. Snapping my branches like they were fingers is difficult enough!”

I have to ask if your are hypothetically speaking invincible to damage and able to lift 10× your own weight shouldn’t you be a little less scared?

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