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…Whoa, they’re still in their first year of college, aren’t they? I started reading this comic back in middle school and I’ve already outpaced them. Comic time is weird.

Think of it as different dimension time. We have gone years in the future while in they’re dimension it has online been a few months to a year.

To be fair, this time compression is true of most serial comics. In “Sally Forth” last week, the mom and dad spent the entire week in a conversation at the breakfast table. What makes it funny is their kid came in at the end and asked, “are you still eating breakfast? It’s been like a week!”

Newspaper comic strips have been famous for that. Little Orphan Annie was forever on the cusp of adolescence, ignoring the fact that Daddy Warbucks made his money during World War I. The Bumstead family has s-l-o-w-l-y aged and changed over time. Did you know Blondie was originally a flapper? You don’t need the fingers of one hand to count the strips whose characters have experienced realistic time.

Comic books aren’t very different. Peter Parker’s classmate Flash Thompson fought in Viet Nam, but Peter is still scarcely into his thirties. With most of these books, we’re supposed to ignore the number of temporal milestones, like holidays, movies & TV shows, presidential administrations and other current events, they pass; just pretend their past is sliding along to keep up with them. I know of only one imprint of comic books that were committed to real year-to-year time passage. Compact multi-issue events were balanced by unchronicled time. (Does anyone else remember Impact?)

The characters of Skin Deep are experiencing real time passage. It’s just that our own timeline is walking away from them.

They’re not actually still *in* their first year of college. They’ve finished their first year. To continue their education on schedule, they need to be back in Missouri by late August for the start of their second year. At this point, that seems unlikely.

Michelle’s education is taking a whole new track, with a whole fecal mass of stuff to learn and absorb. While Greg is standing by her, maybe he’ll find something he thinks is worth learning. Has he met the local satyr community yet?

I loved this page! I didn’t expect to be hit with this! (maybe I wasn’t paying attention (Even though I’m an avid reader)).

They’re not going back to Missouri!? Awwh :( I liked Missouri, it had trees ‘n, Totems, Moms, stuff! Oh well, its not the end of the world or anything, atleast we have Gregory still with us.

Also, Hiatus!? Oh no! This will be the first time i’ll be without Skin Deep! D: I need it to live! JK, but no seriously, hope you get a break KB, I can’t do even 1/10th of the stuff you did! Also, what are your plans you mentioned in the bottom? Oh well, We’ll see!

– Cameron

Oh boy, the hiatus talk is never a good sign.

It’s not the hiatus that worries me, it’s the, “I”ll give y’all information about what’s going to happen with Skin Deep when that happens!!!” that worries me. Last time a webcomic I was reading said something like that was to announce that it was ending.

Oh no don’t worry about that, I just said that so people wouldn’t ask me anything about what’s gonna happen during the hiatus, since I’ll be answering those questions with the next update!

Oh thank god! This week has been a total shitstorm so far (I just started a new quarter at college and I’m already convinced inorganic chemistry is cursed) so thats one less thing to worry about.

Dude, inorganic chemistry is cursed beyond comprehension

You know, Leave of Absence is a thing: “A baccalaureate or associate degree student who wants to take a limited time off from course work may maintain degree status and ensure that his/her degree requirements will remain the same by taking a leave of absence.” You can take a semester off to deal with crisis/emergencies without needing to quit school permanently.

Solidarity among friends is a good thing, and yes, Michelle is definitely going to need someone who’s purely in her corner as she goes through this. As for Greg not returning to college (as others have said, Michelle has other irons in the fire)…well I hate to see him give up on it, but he’s not wrong that a traditional college program might not be a good fit for him. It isn’t for some people. That’s why there are professional certifications, trade schools, and apprenticeship programs.

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