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Call me a jerk, but I think Ravi might- MIGHT -be exaggerating, just a little bit.

About being Phineas’ dearest friend? Phin might have thought that Ravi’s manic pixie dream girl demeanor was endearing. That, or while Ravi’s attention in Phin might have grown gradually, Ravi is picking up with Jim right where he left off, which would make it overwhelming.

Lorne looks slightly concerned that his best friend’s hair is starting to grow flowers.

Would you be concerned if your friend’s hair could grow flowers?

Hahaha, the expressions in this part of the story really are just golden. I’m consistently amazed at how Kory can make Jim so expressive with that big honking beak, and I want his “what” face to be some sort of icon. :D

Ravi continues to be amazing, and the revelation of the Finns as being these big elemental magicians is legit exciting. I cannot tell you how much I love this comic. It’s soooo goooooood.

Still disgusted by Jim’s family. They had a sacred trust. They failed it. Even with the magic cut off, they should have kept alive the knowledge. Their job, as much as it was guarding the egg, was also to preserve knowledge of HOW to guard the egg and lore around the egg.

Jim acting like Ravi messed up and not his ancestors? Best interpretation is that is some modern era BS “I’m the master of my own destiny” crap. The worst? His ancestors decided they didn’t have an obligation, that they could do what they wanted, and think what they wanted to think and keep the oaths they swore on their terms. Sorry, that’s not how it goes. You’re a noble. You belong to people, body mind and soul. Don’t like it? Too bad. Your life is public property so you don’t get a choice – that’s why you get the money and illuminated caves, to make up for not having freedom.

Knowledge gets lost and stuff, man. It’s been centuries since the last time someone had the gift/curse, who knows what happened in that time? Honestly I don’t think anyone is really to blame. Ravi probably should have checked in to make sure everything was going smoothly, but even so it’s not like the family has really fallen down in their duty–the cave is as safe as they were able to make it, and if Jim can’t learn how to use his gift, at least Colin is still young enough that he can learn. They can still recover from this issue, and the cave will still be safe, and whatever needs to be done about the egg will still be done.

Ever play a game of telephone? People pass things on but it’s imperfect, especially if it was all passed on by word and memory, since I don’t think any of this stuff would ever have been written down. Maybe someone died before they could pass on the really important information, or something was common knowledge back when everyone knew the ‘curse’ was really the Ravi’s gift, and they didn’t see the point of passing on the information because everyone knew about it. Call it an oversight rather than a deliberate flaunting of duty, if you like.

I think we’re still missing a lot of information. What do the Finns and their phoenix egg guarding (or lack there of) have anything to do with Michelle and the Sphinxs? Why should we care whether restoring the Finns’ magic control / use? I think we’re about to find out *very* soon.

I completely agree. We need to know so much more about what happened and why it’s a problem before we can start saying people neglected their duty or not. I don’t know if we ever will, and again, I don’t see that it matters what the Finn ancestors did in the long run. Laying blame won’t help anyone, now they need to learn the facts from Ravi and proceed as best they can from there.

And yeah, learning exactly what this egg has to do with the price of peas in Persia would help a lot. Hopefully they’ll get Ravi back on track so he can tell them (and us) next page.

Don’t forget, we’re talking about *centuries*– and there were plagues and wars and dysentary and things that we get over with a week’s worth of antibiotics that used to kill whole villages. We’ve had no indication that the different species are any more or any less disease-resistant than humans; what if only the core family members knew the secret and not the secondary branches? What if everybody but a couple of young kids died of sickness or were killed by dragons in the War? Knowledge gets lost so easily, especially secret knowledge. Even if it’s written down somewhere it has to survive long enough for the right person to read it… and books are so easy to destroy. We’re used these days to libraries of tens of thousands of books; 500 years ago, a collection of a couple of dozen books was a magnificent treasure.

Yeah, um, if someone else swore an oath, that doesn’t somehow give me an obligation. Can I pledge your loyalty to somethin’?

Anyway, Ravi here is saying that he wouldn’t have expected them to be successful without his gift. While he was upset, now that he is aware of the break in the power he apparently thinks they’ve done quite a good job without it.

And there’s Lorne looking bewildered. Augh! Each answer only brings up more questions!

So, going by color, can we assume that Phineus the Red had fire magic, and Colin who is blue will have, or does have, water magic?

We do not, yet, know if Colin’s Gift is water or air.
All we do, NOW, know is that the Gift showed up again, because Ravi was present in the LA, and that Ravi was also likely present in the LA sometime after Paul was hatched but well before Jim was hatched.

I don’t see why any of them have to be separate magics. Why do the colours have to indicate specific elemental magics at all? They could all just signify elemental magic in general. We’re being too exclusive deciding that the colour indicates a very specific school of magic, as if this were a card game.

This is because so far, the two colours which have some descriptions have linked to separate things.

Remember the statue of Phineas on pages 3 and 4, the carved flames running the length of the statue.
He was known as Phineas the Red. And the logical joining is that this was due to the colour of his mane, and fire.

His daughter, Phineas II was known as Phineas the Green.
We now know, from what’s just been shown to Jim, that Green is to do with plants.

Colin is Blue.
We do not, yet, know if that is air, or water.

So each colour, so far, looks to be completely separate in what it works with.

Is it just me, or is Michelle in mid form?

Without a shot of her in the chair, side on or from the rear, no way to be certain.
I’m thinking she is still in human form.

Her ears don’t look quite human and her skin looks kind of… tawny to me. It’s entirely possible she managed some kind of midform without tail or wings; I don’t know for sure, obviously, but that’s what I’m assuming for now tbh.

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