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2018 Reader 110

2018 Reader 110 published on 17 Comments on 2018 Reader 110

I hadn’t thought about these critters before, but I like them a lot! Plus, any chance to get more non-European medallioned creatures into Skin Deep is a good thing for me. So Sha animals are canon!

I’ll be at SPX this weekend! Come on by and say hello!!!


You know if we hadn’t seen how the gang changes from human to midform to full form, I would have thought that they transform like the animorphs. Although if that were true Michelle would have shouted ow rather then just what the hell or what ever she said. Any who love the reader questions you have decided to answer Kory and I can’t wait for the adventure to continue.

We’ve seen a bit of Blanche changing, Tatanka. Based on this entry, their human face appears in front of them and then covers their normal face? Not sure about the rest of their bodies.

Are Bugbears the cause of “Alien abductions?”

Are they the real cause, not sure.
Would Bugbears _say_ they are the cause, oh yes, most definitely.

I bet they add on to other people’s crop circles, too. Some poor bunch of mathematics grad-students get high, go out and make some spectacular crop circle in a nearby field with boards and rope, and then get UTTERLY FREAKED OUT by the stunningly complex addition to their circle that shows up one night. “Duuuuude…..”

I have this headcanon that Gremlins exist in the Skindeep universe… I know that the stories are kinda contemporary with Rudolph, but I was thinking that they’re really Brownies that became corrupted towards the cause of sabotage. (Yeah, Brownies might also be too modern for your taste, but Wonderland.)

Can this sort of thing happen in the Skin Deep universe? A legendary creature mutates until it gets a new legend, or just the story mutates without the creature itself changing?

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