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Colin is all things right in the world. Surely it is kismet that he received these gifts so that he may put them to their greatest use. Teasing.

Or maybe he’ll grow up to be resentful, distant, and distrustful like a real person would! Ooh, woops, sorry, this is a comic, familial bullying of the designated butt-monkey is okay as long as its for comedic effect~ =)

Honestly, I kind of feel the same. The Finn’s treatment of Tobias really rubs me the wrong way. He’s just constantly being put down or pelted with water or something. He hasn’t done anything to warrant that kind of abuse.

Hi there! Just had to let you know that I used to read this comic back in high school like 5 years ago. I recently found it and a few others that I was sure were going to be dead or in infinite hiatus, while instead I am extremely pleasantly surprised that this one is still going strong!

So uhh, yeah. Just wanted to say how happy I am to see this comic is so successful.

Oh the look on Colin’s face when splashing that brew. What a waste of a brew as well.
Hmm, wander what tea they get, whether regular stuff like Tetley, Typhoo, Yorkshire tea or something abit more specialist.

PG Tips, maybe?

I think we’re witnessing Tobias’ supervilian origins.

I foresee some SERIOUS GROUND RULES being laid down by Mom. If it were me, #1 would be “No doing anything whatsoever to the plumbing”, because having it back up due to flow-reversal or whatever would be unpleasant and plumbers are expensive no matter what country you’re in.

Rule #2 would have to do with no water-magic during meals, followed by a quick codicil that Yes, Colin, That Means Any Liquid, Not Just Water. Because Colin is a smart and sneaky little bugger with older brothers and will find any loophole he can. *I* sure would have. :P

Colin already has control over his magic? What about Jim and his magic?

Remember, Colin at least got an introductory lesson. All Jimothy got was a very brief demo with no instruction whatsoever.

Also, Colin’s a kid. They’re a lot more open to ‘there’s this cool new thing you can do that you never expected!’ than those who have done the majority of their growing. Most of their life is finding out about new things and how to use them, whereas anyone past their teens are mostly worried about how to keep what they’ve got, going well.

Jim was, as you saw, rather more flabberghasted than Colin at finding out he had magic.

Colin. Why must you be so cute, Colin? WHY?

For all that Colin in his current full form looks cute, he is a nasty spiteful little brat.

Man, I get why these pages are supposed to be funny, you know, pick on the moody teenager and all that, but I really worry about Tobias. The Finn parents don’t seem overly concerned about everyone picking on the same child, and that really sucks for Toby? He has no real way to fight back, and everyone ganging up on him and never taking him seriously is not gonna be good for his self-esteem.
I’m really hoping he’ll become friends with Greg or some such, or that he gets to be /something/ other than “comic relief grumpy teen”.
Also, I used to find Colin cute but he’s steering dangerously into “brat that needs a solid talking to” category. Splashing tea into people’s faces is really, really not cool. I would’ve gotten into serious trouble if I’d have tried that at home at his age. He’s starting to feel really out of control. You’d think after… four kids Mary and James would get the hang of this. Especially when one of the kids was Jim.

Greg’s only a visitor.
Tobias needs someone who is a local resident.
We saw, in one of the Patreon sketchbooks, that at a similar age to what Tobias is, Jim had friends locally. But does Tobias associate with anyone?
We know that Colin has no-one his own age.

At least it hasn’t reached toilet water yet.

Not that Mary would let Colin near her perfume in the first place…. :P

Just in case there’s anyone out there that doesn’t understand what Joseph was referring to:

Perfume is often called “Eau de toilette”. To be more specific, in modern perfumery, it describes the concentration of fragrance. In order from weakest to strongest:

Eau de cologne, with 2-6% aromatic compounds
Eau de toilette, with 5% to 15% (usually 10%) aromatic compounds
Eau de parfum, with 10% to 20% (usually 15%) aromatic compounds

Oh, and in this case, “Toilette” refers to its older meaning of “personal grooming”, and NOT the loo.

Poor Tobias. First rule of living with brothers like Colin: Don’t get mad. Get even. And keep a sponge handy or something.

Dang Tobias you really need to do something!

that horrible brat need to learn his place, he is obviously asserting some sort of smug dominance or I know nothing of felinoid beings..

You should startle him, slap him not too hard with a paw and claws retracted -to not hurt him- in your feral form.

That idea is okay for mostly-felinoids like Jim or Lorne, but Tobias is a common gryphon, so he has talons instead of forepaws. They don’t retract.

But, the startlement idea is correct. A cat is smugly confident of his awareness of his surroundings. If you manage to startle or surprise him, it totally blows his cool.

Poor Tobias. I feel bad for defending their behavior a bit in the last update. The teasing in the last one was pretty friendly teasing, though they should have stopped because it obviously wasn’t being received as such. This, however, is just straight-up cruelty. Toby can be a pain, but he doesn’t deserve this. I like Jim and Colin, but they can be real turds sometimes.

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