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Illumination 41: This is Precious

Illumination 41: This is Precious published on 60 Comments on Illumination 41: This is Precious

Happy New Year! Here is the first comic page of 2016! It’s a happy accident that it’s a cute little fluffy page, I’m glad it wasn’t some horribly depressing page to start out the year hahahaha.

There is a NEW TIER on my Patreon! $5+ patrons will have access to a new thing I’m gonna start doing: livestreams! I will probably start sometime this week, so if you’d like to watch me draw my comic/listen to my music/chat with me, keep an eye on the patreon and I’ll let you know when I start streaming!


Tobias looks so disgruntled and I agree so much with Merial.

Yeah, that last frame looks like a Perfect Kodak Moment, if you didn’t know the Real Story behind it…

I think the Real Story is that they’re trying to show that even though they tease Toby, they still love him, and he’s being too much of a grouch to admit it. Kory seems to think this page is cute, and she’s the only one who actually knows what is going on in her characters’ heads. Besides, while I understand being upset by teasing, I’ve seen Toby tease his brothers just as much as they tease him.

Just remember Colin, clothes are useless :)

Yeah, just keep telling yourself that when it’s raining and under 70 degrees and you’re soaking wet — or even if it’s dry and under 60 degrees; let alone colder. (Say, snowing and minus 20 degrees.) Unless I’m living in a year-around topical Paradise, I want at least the *option* of wearing something warmer (and more protective) than my birthday suit.

Since Liverpool is pretty far from a desert or tropical climate, I doubt you’ll find many outdoor nudists among the humans. They probably don’t show much skin except during summer.

You know, this really gets me thinking about typical domestic life for a family like this. You’d think, were this not a comic drawn by humans for humans, that in a society like they are in, casual nudity would be more of a thing. I mean, Jim hints that he’s laughed at a centaur for being naked but like… he’s naked in gryphon form, his natural form that he spends his early childhood in. So do basically most of the other people in the avalons when they are in true form. Michelle’s uncomfortability makes sense, she’s socialized as human. Not to say clothes wouldn’t be handy, shoes and whatnot are still nice because they’d protect from the elements….

It’s also got me thinking that families like this must have an extreme bill for lint/fur rollers. They’ve all got fur, even if it were a family of non-furry creatures like nixies and nokks, they still have friends who have fur most likely. I don’t imagine any of them have a problem with dogs on the couch like humans sometimes do because pfff, why care? There’s gonna be fur and paws and laying down there anyways. And what do they do with all the feathers? What about any magical people who shed their skin like snakes? (madam u?)

I don’t know, I just like imagining the average domestic life for the people of the avalons.

Speaking of shedding issues, I wonder how Ike Sanford handles shedding entire pelts, teeth and hooves when he morphs into his human form?

I’ve been thinking Alec Hyde might use them… you know… to terrorize someone.

“Good Morning Miss Snodgrass! Do enjoy the Perspex encased block of John Carpenter chum that I have fitted to the precise metric limits of your refrigerator’s interior! It only get’s worse from here… Byeeee!”

Tobias is going to *EXPLODE* if he puffs up any further. Personally, I think he’s rather handsome, especially when he smiles– he’s very streamlined.

Here is an insight into how my mind works: the word “explode” here triggered two associations, the second being from the film version of Watchmen, where the Big Figure’s describes what is going happen in prison after Rorschach had mortally injured another inmate… and the first being a line from Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. Cue the parody:

Don’t Glomp Me Now

Alright, I wanna have some time with my console,
I’ve got my ga-a-a-ame and the woooorld,
I’m tuning it all out, yeah,
I’m sitting alone on the settee,
So don’t glomp me now,
Don’t glomp me,
‘Cause I’m having a good game, having a good game.

I’m a superstar, racking up the scores like a cyborg,
Conquering ev’rything I can see,
While the little tyke jumps back and forth like straight off a dive board,
He oughtta go go go, and stop bugging me!

I’m burning through the scores, yeah!
Two hundred games free,
That’s why they call me Mister Parasite,
I’m lev’ling at the speed of light,
I wanna yell a supersonic “Get out!” at you!

Don’t glomp me now,
I’m having such a good game,
Get out of my face,
Don’t glomp me now,
I’m having such a good game,
Just give me some space!

Don’t glomp me now (’cause I’m having a good game),
Don’t glomp me now (yes I’m having a good game),
I don’t want to pause at all… yeah!

I’ve got rotten jerks getting up my nose,
With all their glomminess,
I am all squished in tight, they’re out of control,
I’m at a floofed extreme ready to unload,
Like a feather bomb,
About to oh oh oh oh oh EXPLODE.

I’m burning through the scores, yeah!
Two hundred games free,
That’s why they call me Mister Parasite,
I’m lev’ling at the speed of light,
I wanna yell a supersonic “Get out!” at you!

Don’t glomp me, don’t glomp me, don’t glomp me.
Don’t glomp me, don’t glomp me, don’t glomp me.

[instrumental/completely-mental break etc.]


Right. Full disclosure, for the longest time I thought the implication behind Tobias being maneless was that he was trans. Dunno why, it’s just where my brain went, I suppose.

Glompage is go! The waves of preciousness radiate out from the angry centre of glom! Merial is already affected, and it will swiftly spread through the rest of the house!

James Finn: The caverns are through here now, and they’re probably a bit larger than you remember… where are you going? Ravi??

Ravi: My finely-tuned glom-sense is tingling, Mister Finn! I am sensing a mass invasion of personal space and must join in!

Martha: *ghostly WOOF!* *speeds past as she heads towards the sitting room and Tobias*

Michelle: I can feel it too… the feline part of me calls me to find the place where I’m least wanted… then pretend to fall asleep. Is this normal?!

Ravi (disappearing down corridor): Very!

Tobias (in distance): Not you too! Mam, HELP!

Mary Finn (in further distance): ΑΠΟΛΥΩ!

Jim & Colin & Lorne & Martha (in distance): Yipe! *flomp*

Michelle: And the strange urge is gone! *happy*

James Finn: Yes, the wife always knows the right thing to say. *avian grin*

Ravi (heading back up corridor, dejected): *sigh* Let us continue to the caverns, then. :-(


..Laughing so hard I may choke.

Ah, poor Tobias.
He is at the age where he takes himself really seriously, as is desperate for everyone else to as well.

But these are his brothers…(Lorne may as well be another brother…)

So no seriousness for joo, gryphon boy.


Okay, okay, fluffed up Colin and Tobias are adorable, but WHAT’S IN THE PICTURE IN 3RD PANEL? Seriously, what is that?! A car? Both Finns’ and Noirs’ houses seem to be completely devoid of such mundane pictures, so, what, a speeding turtle on wheels??

You can see that painting most clearly in frame 3, page 10, of the current story.
It looks like a dinosaur and eggs.

As for more mundane art, didn’t you notice the huge painting of Fingol, on the wall behind the lounge where Tobias is sitting, at the start of this scene?
And on the same wall, to the right of the painting of Fingol, there looks to be a picture of palm trees against a blue sky.

I think floofed Fynns is the theme of this chapter. We’ve seen floofed Jim, floofed Mary, floofed Collin and floofed Toby. If we don’t see a floofed Paul and James, I will be disappoint.

Well darn. A friend of mine has talked to me about this comic, and then decided to show me the two pages of Blanche’s grand reveal and I love that White Stag and now I’m up to date? Ops. Good job getting me all hooked up.

Awww, poor Toby. You can have magic elemental power as well to make you feel better. Hell, one for each kid! Jim is earth and Collin is water, so Toby can be air since he’s the only straight gryphon, and Paul can be fire since it’ll be all the better to smoke with. Now Mary and James just need to have one more son who can be Heart and they’ll have their very own family Captain Planet.

Mary and James would need 2 more children, at a minimum.
Going by what can be figured from this current story, no-one with the Finn Curse had shown up for ages until Jim, which most likely means that Ravi returned to the UK after Paul was hatched, but before Jim was conceived.
So Paul won’t have any elemental powers, at all, as he was conceived and hatched too early.
What is not so certain is whether or not EVERY child born to the Finns, since Ravi is back in the UK has the Curse.

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