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I’m real excited to learn about Dis. I bet there are all kinds of things that Jim wouldn’t know about there. Like vampires. And reindeer. It’s all real, and it’s in heck. Or maybe I *don’t* want to learn about Dis, so I can keep cramming OCs there. Who are vampires. And reindeer.

Vampiric herbivores? Well, I suppose that getting the ability to move around at least during the night is an enticing prospect to a fair lot of flora … :-D

The vampire-reindeer only bite the grass, sucking some of the life-essence from them, leaving them thralled and swaying towards them, the flowers and small trees leaning towards them instead of the sun while the vampire-reindeer taunt the rising daystar how it has lost its minions and they serve them and the night now and forever! Bwuhahahahahha-blaa. :D

“I mean, there’s magic, mythological creatures, ghosts, demons, angels, apparently even Hell, so there’s some sort of Heaven too, but another dimension that’s somehow connected to Earth? Wuuuuuaaaaaaat?!” XD

How most, if not all, of the main cast, in any given fantasy, don’t turn into semi-cynical buttheads who’ve lost all sense of wonder in their life due to the near constant barrage of “oooooh, so mystical”, I’ll never know. XD

Personally, if the Father turned out to be some deity of sorts who actually has chats regularly with the Christian God, I’d be mostly along the lines: “Eh… Craziest I’ve heard thus far, but I’m kinda waiting for what’s going to happen tomorrow… So does He have a beard like they all say or is He a he even to begin with?” XD

I have a sneaking suspicion that the “Father” may not actually be a dragon. I’m pretty sure he’s not a demon, though. If he is, he’s definitely not the “Darklord” that was mentioned in “Greetings from Dogpatch”, because if the Father and the Darklord are the same, then why would Mikhael and Bloodcarver have argued about who got to take her back to Dis?

I also suspect that the “mistress” that Mikhael referred to back in Orientations Part III may not actually be a demon. I could be wrong on both counts. Time will tell.

I know we’ve heard and seen otherwise, but what if…

PLOT TWIST: The “Father” was Michelle’s dad

Also how would you describe it if they were listening to Highway To Hell right now?

Kinda loving the fact that none has had anything about the “Isn’t this like a normal Tuesday for her?” -issue. XD

But yeah. Likely Daddy-o is some a bit more than dragon, but we should see it in… Three to four strips to come? Maybe five? One more walking, one or two to take in the new local, one for showing that there be dragons and mysterious voice speaking off-panel… Then maybe show Father? Or first a obscured image of them and then the grand reveal…

No, I’m not complaining, I’m seriously wondering how close I can get with that estimate. XD

I am just seeing gates in a future panel. Then the dragon world or should I call it tir na nog? Then a throne room then the father walking cursing about to much paper work and the demons being idiots and how he plans on ending the earth nine different ways and discarding them all.

Man do I have a rotten sense on what the father might be or have I been reading to much science fiction books like Percy Jackson or something? Also it’s more like a Friday thing for her.

Didn’t Michelle see the whole thing with the demons and the Hellmouth earlier? Or maybe she’s not making the connection between Dis and Hell, proving that she never read the Divine Comedy — and never played the full version of Doom.

Michelle isn’t clued in to a lot of things the reader knows about this story universe.

As for me, living in California, I’m well aware that there are a lot of places on Earth that aren’t…actually Earth.

Are you refering to the black friday raids in San Fransisco? or the fact that people don’t know the definition of heating in Las Vegas? maybe both? I’d like to hear whatever weirdness goes on in this world. Something insane though is I pass by a school bus stop going to work, and no matter what time of year it is, there’s always a kid wearing Shorts at 7 am, waiting for the bus. It doesn’t matter if theres snow on the ground, it’s blazing hot, or it’s below freezing. He still wears shorts, and sometimes snow boots. Luckily though, he has a jacket and wears snow pants on bad days, but other then that, just shorts.

So yea, just some weirdness from Nevada

I’ve seen something like that!

At college (LSU) it was below freezing. Everyone looked like we were in Siberia with how bundled up we were. Sitting crosslegged in the middle of the parade grounds with jeans and NO shirt was a student. He seemed perfectly calm and unbothered by the weather.

“Places on Earth that aren’t actually on Earth”?

You mean New Jersey?

Dis was the city encompassing several rings of hell in Date’s inferno. We’ve already seen the association with demons, which means if this holds true, Dragons have literally been living in Hell for thousands of years. No wonder they are cranky.

Hey Kory I just heard that you weren’t feeling good and that the new post is going to be late. I hope you feel better soon. Lots of hugs.

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