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Honestly I bet she’d be ok with making medallions for dragons, the question is if the dragons are too proud to drop their stupid feud and chill a bit.

Anyone else notice the tail wag in the third panel? That’s the sign of one really annoyed cat.

Finally! I was wondering when we would be able to see this father dude.

Me thinks that this father dude will either look like a business man with a black beard with streaks of white in it, or look like my dad who has a military buzz cut hair style and wearing and a collared shirt, blue jeans and clogs.

My bet is that he looks like a dragon.

A Grey Bearded Dragon that has one eye, chewed ears, broken horns, ragged wings, kinked tail than never healed right, bits of weapons from various eras stuck in his scales and more scars and patches than Vash the Stampede. Oh and he would be of GARGANTUAN size.

The dragon is ‘The’ Bloodcarver. That’s a title, not his name?

Riding in as a …what shall we call her? Envoy? Chief Envoy? rather than a Captured is a big diff. WTG, Michelle! :D

Also, if she is technically a Sphinx Chief (seeing as how there are so few, it’s sort of a default), then she technically ranks above this dude.

Personally, I would have inserted the question “Is he going to have me executed the moment I show my face?” in between the other two.

So would I. Or just: By the way, why does he want to see me?

Trouble there is Bloodcarver might not know why. He’s an underling, underlings rarely get told more than the bare minimum they need to do whatever task they’re assigned. Why he wants Michelle isn’t relevant to him going out and getting her.

At the same time, I doubt it’s any sort of execution. If it were, Bloodcarver’s orders would be “Kill the sphinx”, not “Bring the sphinx to me”. Capturing a powerful creature and bringing it somewhere against it’s will is far more dangerous than simply killing it where you found it, if that’s the goal. Nah, Bloodcarver’s boss wants her alive for something. Probably medallions.

Those Two images at the bottom left only make me love bloodcarver even more….. I might also be biased towards dragonkind so…

Yay! They’re going to actually listen to what the dragons want.

The problem is, what do they want?

Y’know I just realized Bloodcarver’s ear flap thingies changed color in the last couple pages. The backs were red, but now they’re yellow like the front? Which one is the correct coloration?

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