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Obverse & Reverse Ch2 Page 14

Obverse & Reverse Ch2 Page 14 published on 43 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch2 Page 14

And that’s the end of this chapter!

I will be taking a TWO WEEK break between now and the next chapter starting, but don’t worry! I’ll be doing READER QUESTIONS until September 3rd! If you’ve got some question you’d like me to answer with a little drawing, ask em here!

Skin Deep will return September 3rd for Obverse & Reverse Chapter 3: Curiouser and Curiouser!


How would things go if Greg met Obidiah and found out just how many Tragos are out there?

Damien answering Gabe, using what little Obidiah knew, claimed the family was large, lots were unturned, and he didn’t any outside of Dogpatch. But since Obi didn’t know any outside of Dogpatch, how could he know how big, or small, the Tragos family really were?
I reckon Greg, coming from outside of Dogpatch, would likely know more of the actual size of the family, than Obi.
Dogpatch page 19

I would like to ask what the marine reptile population looks like these days- you know, like a chart of different breeds?

I was wondering the same. Are there any other sea monster species out there related to Stanley? Given the variety of prehistoric sea life, i’d like to see if there are any other scaly wonders of the sea out there!

I’d especially love if one of the Avalons they thrived in was a cavern lit by magic in a similar vein to journey to the center of the earth, with the addition of ziggurats in the jungle for our hiding magical sophonts (we never did decide on a term for them) to chill out in. What can I say? I like what I like.

How did Jonathan and Lorne find out they were Nemean Lions? I feel like it was implied that their parents didn’t tell or didn’t know.

And did you say how Jimothy’s parents met and fell in love? Was it an awkward meeting? Or really cute?

Oh! And was there ever a totem for the unicorns?

Are there any Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, or Buddhist Mythicals living in the LA?

Also, good luck with your break! ;-)

Besides Ravi, you mean? :P

When Anthony turned, Madame U referenced Garuda as a type of species rather than the specific Hindu character, but I remember her saying something about how he couldn’t be a Garuda because she’d sense him as an enemy if he was. That seems to indicate that she has at least personally interacted with a Garuda at some point, though there’s nothing that indicates said Garuda lives in the LA. If a Garuda DOES live around there, I’d love to see him! More pretty colorful wingalings!

I noticed that as an adult, Jim has green on his ears, and that un-turned Colin did not, he only had blue on his tail. But now as we see Jim as a cub, he doesn’t have the green on his ears yet either! Good continuity! Does this mean as his mane grows in Colin with have blue eartips as well? What’s the reasoning behind this?

What a lovely chapter this was.
Very fun take on Wonderland and the creatures that live there!

Oooh, Oooh! I have a question!
What are the heladry animals like the Bohemian Lion and Chechenian Wolf?
Are they spirits that embody the pride of the nation they are represented in or are just flesh and blood creatures that humans decided to use as symbols?

Poor little Rupert… My heart breaks for him being so disregarded. ;v;

Question time again? What are the colour-ranges of JubJub Birds, I noticed Roald’s plumage seems a bit ruddier than his adorable son.

(No I am not obsessed over the best species from Wonderland)

Why do I feel this is a common occurence in the family? Let’s just hope their parents don’t have to come rushing to the rescue… that’d mean trouble.

Also, are we ever going to learn in comic what exactly happened to James’ wings and tails and if no, what DID happen?

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