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Hummingbird griffin! And a mock turtle in the first panel?

Yes to both :)
And there’s actually 3 of those hummingbird/mouse pygmy gryphons in the 4th panel.

Maybe a nonsentient barnowl gryphon or two?

Although I would like to think that some barnowl gryphons are sentient.

Excuse me for nit-picking. The term you’re looking for is sapient.

Sentient just means “Able to perceive or feel things.” By that definition, a tapeworm is sentient.

Sapience, on the other hand, means “the ability of an organism or entity to act with judgment.”

This page is just full of adorable. That Cheshire Cat, little grump Jim, floofball Rupert, and huggable Lorne. I’m holding in all my d’aww since it’s late and the walls of this house are thin.

That or I’m at that point of the night where the right thing will make me cry

Heyo everyone! Just binged the whole comic up until now after someone made a reference over in the comments of the webcomic “Stand Still, Stay Silent”, specifically to the page where Blanche’s mom calls him Bambi. Instantly hooked.

Now, i don’t suppose that this is an intentional reference, but it is amazing coincidence that i join y’all on a page that has hummingbird-griffons on it, what with HummingFluff being the name of the game-development-studio of Minna (the creator of SSSS)

Did Rupert puff his feathers out to speak up to, Jim?
Either way, he looks adorable.

Have a look at Rupert’s little nubbin horns over those last 2 panels.
Rupert is annoyed with older cousin Jim.

Actually I think his horns are just folded back. If you look at the previous page he just kinda has a chubby-fluff look to him from that particular angle.

Why do I feel that a trip to the woods is in the making?

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