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Obverse & Reverse Ch2 Page 7

Obverse & Reverse Ch2 Page 7 published on 18 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch2 Page 7

Literally anything weird in Wonderland can be explained as “lol too much magic, who knows” so that makes studying the place a little difficult, even if you’ve lived there your whole life. It’s easier to just say “lol magic” then hurt your brain trying to work it out.

The purple pooka cat on the far right of the page is Wendy, who bought a cameo via my patreon! Wonderland is a perfect place for a pooka!


Is that huge satellite dish behind the house a mushroom cap?

– “One side will make you grow taller, and the other side will make you grow shorter. Also: one side has the news, and on the other side, the sport.”

– “Yes, yes, Mister Caterpillar – now would you please come down from there? You’re really spoiling my reception, not to mention the possibility that you might accidentally set my roof alight with your hookah. …Kids, please don’t try nibbling my satellite dish. It’s old, the dosages will be all over the place, I’m not even sure which side is which any more, and, more importantly, it might have absorbed some of the programming over the years. I’ve got proper “Eat Me” cakes and “Drink Me” bottles inside if you want to mess about with that sort of thing- if that’s all right with you, Mary! Anyway… AHEM! Mister Caterpillar, am I going to have to fly up there? Well?”


> Is that huge satellite dish behind the house a mushroom cap?

Yup. My uncle used to have a big satellite dish. That was how you got satellite in the early days. Whether that would work in Wonderland is a different issue.

Considering the array of the more ordinary smaller dishes attached to the chimney, I’d say that the larger one should also work. Though what it is targeting is at 90 degrees azimuth relative to the smaller dishes.

Well, assuming that Wonderland is in fact in England, and that the small dishes do receive run-of-the-mill sat TV like similar dishes do for us (pointed more or less South), the large one would point at the part of the geostationary orbit that satellites serving East Russia, India, China etc. would be at. And yes, considering that England/Wonderland would be considerably off the main direction of such a satellite’s antenna, you’ld need a *huge* dish to still have proper reception.

*Only* it should be pointing more or less at the horizon, instead of 45-or-so degrees upward …

Instead of East Russia, India, China etc, as what the large dish is being used for receiving, I’d be thinking Europe.

Then the *small* dishes would be pointed to American satellites, and either they’re *too* small to receive much from them, or Wonderland would need to be somewhere in the U.S..

(Or the magic of Wonderland extends all the way to their own TV sats having apparent positions that defy orbital mechanics.)

……. I changed my mind. Those satellite dishes, especially their *elevations*, make more sense for a commercial/professional *communications hub* than on the house of (a) TV enthusiast(s).

*Large* dishes with noteworthy elevation (a little less than 40° for British latitudes) serve for *two-way* communication with satellites in “appropriate” geostationary orbit slots, see SES Astra’s site in Betzdorf (Luxembourg) for comparison:

Small dishes with *horizontal* orientation are used for terrestrial point-to-point links, for example by phone network operators:

Of course, if Wonderland is supposedly impossible to find from the outside, those point-to-point links would need to be *wholly within* and Wonderland would have to be *a lot larger* than just the couple houses we saw so far …

Oooh, I like this explanation. Wonderland as a much, much more benign magic Pripyat.

I thought pookas in SD were the big rabbity folks… Maybe it’s like a common name for two distinct species? Or, I guess, it’s just the magic radiation. (Either way this cat person is very cute!)

“As an animal, the púca will most commonly appear as a horse, cat, rabbit, raven, fox, wolf, goat, goblin, or dog” – Wikipedia.

As a child I was told Pukka (there are so many different spellings out there) were fae who would attach themselves to a house and bring it luck, both good and bad. Sort of like the house goblins in Harry Potter, I guess, but more autonomous and not by any means a slave. They would manifest as animals or even plants, and you had to be kind to any animals because they might turn out to be a Pukka testing you.

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