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Obverse & Reverse Ch3 Page 14

Obverse & Reverse Ch3 Page 14 published on 29 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch3 Page 14

Merry Christmas! Kind of a downer part of the comic to land on Christmas, oops!

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Oh god. They really need their own medallions.

Now we know what he meant waaaay back in Orientations (issue 5, page 28) when he said “Sphinxes have been gone as long as I have lived and our way of life has not gotten any better.” I don’t think any of us realized until now just how literal that sentence was.

The punishment fits the crime. The dragons tried to steal a future so now they have none.

It seems to me the dragons merely wanted the same treatment as everyone else, based on the history I have seen and were excluded. I would fight too under such circumstances.

The difference is: The dragons on the mainland started destroying mints when they were denied medallions. Mints that were likely located near human settlements in nascent Avalons, bringing additional Human Wrath upon the dragons because “they’re getting closer!”.

The British dragons had a chance, “We can at least hear her out…”

And then those dragons’ representative threatened those sphinxes by accident, and both sides doubled down.

Hold up a sec. Time out. Can’t dragons do magic. Can’t they create human avatars to walk among humans? Or are they just magical creatures that can’t do magic.

Dragons can do magic, but not the type of magic that creates medallions. In fact, it’s likely the only way *to* create a medallion is by using a phoenix egg as the sphinxes did. They also cannot do magic to make themselves look human or they would have done so long ago.

Here we see the wounds He inflicts upon His own children, for refusing to slaughter the children of His enemies. I suspect parts of this sad tale are truth; probably most. However, it’d be like the legend of Coyote. Coyote always tells the truth, they say–but therein lies the danger. The best lies, and means of control, are based in truth.

I see here, abuse for refusing to carry out an age old grudge of genocide against a child of an enemy. …a use inflicted upon His own children. This Father is an abusive arsehole.

And if the dragons are stagnant and can’t progress with their vitality being sapped, it also means Bloodcarver can’t heal.

Bloodcarver was supposed to bring her to the Father, not to kill her. As for the Father, being so furious as to lash out can be understandable if you know that your people you fought so hard to save are being slowly sucked dry of their magic, and the one dragon you count on let your unique chance to save them go.

Ok, in full knowledge that I’ll likely be proven wrong in an update or two, if there can be no progress, or desire to progress, than the Father is still the exact same as when they fled the world at the end of the war, the last survivor of his race. And has not been able to heal or learn wisdom or anything in that time.

Being replaced by Bloodcarver (or someone, but Bloodcarver is literally the only dragon character around we’ve met) looks like the best way forwards.

You know, bringing her here, then having her magic siphoned, is not an innocent gesture, either. Nor is it any concern for her well-being, or the continuation of the sphinx line. Get out of there, Michelle. :/

She might get a pass because she’s a VISITOR. She hasn’t entered into an agreement so she can live there. Now, if for some reason Michelle decided she wanted to move to Dreary Lane, then she probably would end up subject to the same magic drain as her new neighbors.

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