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Obverse & Reverse Ch3 Page 16

Obverse & Reverse Ch3 Page 16 published on 32 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch3 Page 16

This plane is disc/funnel shaped, and broken up into “circles.” Dragons only live in the first circle, and Dis, the city in the middle, is the 6th circle. There are three more circles you can’t see. They’re Down.

Happy New Year!


It wouldn’t do well to scowl at her right now, Bloody, she’s doing the best she can

I hope she’s gonna bring up the fact that even though the world is so much different, the dangers are still pretty much the same. People aren’t gonna be very happy to see them come back, and thus there will be some pretty negative attitudes about them suddenly showing up, with chances of some nasty actions taken.

Also they’ve been gone for thousands of years, there are new rules in place, new societies; if they are to survive in this new world they’d better learn the rules real quick. The best way for this to happen is for others to teach them, but finding those willing to teach them is another story.

Goddamn, this Father dude better be open-minded and ready to listen to the whole story, the fate of every dragon depends on it


Oh, and also, Happy new decade! ;-)

Year zero of my calendar is 1969.

That was when a human being set foot on another world for the first time. So my calendar started January 1 1970. The guys who started the UNIX clock might not have been thinking about the Apollo landings when they did, but what are they going to remember about the year that calendar started, (assuming humans or something descended from us survives) a thousand years from now?

Happy new decade!

Why does your calendar start in January? Pretty sure they didn’t step on the moon in January. My calendar starts on the first of May, a traditional start to the year, but not in 1970. I love saying “happy new year” to everyone on the first day of May, halfway through Autumn, really throws them for six…

“It’s just that…”

Me: You tried to kidnap her two times already. People don’t get over that easily.

He only tried to kidnap her once. The second time, he tried to just talk to her, and invite her. He only grabbed her because of Greg’s [over?]reaction.

Even one attempted kidnapping is one too many. :/ …if you have a human-esque of morality. If your species’ morality is more, “might makes right,” then perhaps it was an act of mercy and or benevolence that you were not slaughtered on sight.

Dragons are terrifying. That they come across this way is excellent writing on the author’s part.

Tried to kidnap her, forced her into a place she isn’t comfortable with…and just…shames her instead of listening.

Bloodcarver, you can do better. Arrogance, and not listening, was too much of the kindling that got y’all here to begin with.

For a dragon who apparently earned the name “Bloodcarver,” I think he’s already shown some remarkable patience in this story.

If this area closely follows the Dante model, they’ve got some nasty places to get through before they get to Dis.

He is trying, poor guy. Dragons… this will be incredibly hard for them.

Thought exercise: would a dragon and human cross be like a dog and wolf cross? That is, tendancy towards instability due to the mixture of instincts?

Come on, Michelle. You know the next word, you just have to be willing to say it.


It’s just fear. That’s the sticking point. That’s why you’re looking for any solution that doesn’t involve the Dragons coming back to Earth. It’s because you fear them. You need to say that before you can find a way to deal with it.

Dealing with it, at a bare minimum, involves looking for a good reason to believe it’s fear of something real or fear of something imagined. Looking for a good reason to believe it’s fear of something you should really be afraid of or fear of something nonexistent or something whose nature you’ve mistaken.

But you can’t get to the point of dealing with those questions unless you first admit that you are afraid, and that your fear is what’s been driving your responses. Only then can you ask someone what assurances they can provide that your fears will not come to pass.

I have always found that ‘expression’ / behavior, the putting the two fingers together like that while looking down to be fascinating. It isn’t common, and it’s so rarely used in comic. But you use it to good effect and I really can’t wait to see what she has to say next.
It’s the little things that make your comic stand out.

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