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Obverse & Reverse Ch3 Page 20

Obverse & Reverse Ch3 Page 20 published on 72 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch3 Page 20

And that’s it for Chapter 3! Thanks for reading!

Chapter 4 will start March 3rd! Starting Monday, February 10th and every weekday until February 28th I’ll be doing Reader Questions! Do you have a question I might want to answer? Ask them here!


Typical short term thinking – the Father bears a grudge and still wants to offer Michelle in exchange for their own freedom, with the dragons’ life force no longer needed.

And then what? They’re DEMONS, bud. You really think they’ll honour that? Or maybe they would, since they revel in chaos and it would be an absolute hoot watching the mortal plane annihilate the dragons, and much of itself, with all the modern weapons at their disposal.

it is still possible that he is marking the point on how awful being trapped here, away from home at the mercy of an hated hostile species (dragon for Michelle, demon for the dragon, and maybe angels for the demon ?) is.

Given his action before and the fact that he likely was not able to get out of the war mentality, i doubt it.
That would mean, however, that he lied to bloodcarver

Question!!!! Do American Magpie totems have different powers the European Magpie totems, since they are actually two different species and all?

I figured all you northern hemisphere places had the same magpies, but ours down in Oz are definitely different…. Very curious whether that makes it three very different magpie totems? I mean, for a start, our magpies are carolling songbirds….

I’m getting smug vibes from him. Michelle better come up with something becuse I doubt father will ley her leave in one piece.

Implying the dude even has a say in the matter. Michelle is far more powerful than any Sphinx that came before her, even if she doesn’t know how to harness and control that power. Toddler with a nuke, in other words. Push her too far and it’s likely to burst out of her and harm everyone around her indiscriminately. Has once before.

Another speciment that really needs a director’s comments on their evolution…

“So we figured that dragons were getting things in their eyes, like… All the time. So we figured that ‘hey, they have horns, right? why not use those?’. Sure we kinda went a bit overboard and some of them might grow up poking their brains with those things, but… At least we kinda fixed the eye-thing, so we decided to call that a win. The teeth sticking out everywhere? Well, that’s a funny story, let me…” XD

Reader Question: What would Michelle look like as a dragon, and what would Bloodcarver look like as a sphynx?

between the horns in front of the eyes, the weirdly placed teeths, the unpractical mouth …
it really gives the impression that either “father” was malformed, or that living in the limb took a big toll on him.

Are you sure he’s even a dragon? His using his wings as arms makes me think he’s a wyvern, not a dragon, and quite a few myths paint wyverns as having much nastier temperaments

Well somebody sure looks like their parents were a tropeognathus and an alligator gar. Perfect for when you need to scare the ever-loving crap out of unsuspecting sphinxes.
Question: What exactly was the food chain like before all the magical styled creatures got scarce, and did dragons perhaps rely partially on megafauna before we killed them off? That would partially explain the reliance on raiding humans seen in other mediums, as normal prey is harder to find…

You dipshit! Didn’t you get your butt kicked hard enough in the first round of this war? You REALLY want to continue it? SERIOUSLY?!

We have already learned that the magical power of sphinxes is divided among them. And there is now exactly one sphinx. Which means you are now addressing a being who has at her disposal the entire force of magic that creamed you guys last time.


So that’s the big plan? Stick the Sphinx there while the dragons escape so that there’s noone on Earth to gather the different races against the dragons?
Was Bloodcarver aware of The Plan?

I imagine not. From his words before it sounded like he was taking Meesh to the Father to discuss making medallions. Bloodcarver is much nicer in personality than Father is, so I doubt he would’ve intentionally been deceptive. I bet Father lied to Bloody, led him along so he could enact his final act on his grudge against the Sphinxes

Man if I was Michelle I’d be like “Okay, I’m going to pretend that statement is the result of you being out-of-touch with society beyond other dragons. Maybe threats like that worked in ye olden days, but in the modern world, if you want someone’s help, threatening them is probably the worst way to get it. Now let’s try this again.Hello, I am called Michelle. Nice to meet you.”

So he is going to keep Michelle in Dis for however long it takes Greg to get worried and think real hard about who he knows who seems to also value Michelles continued presence elsewhere …

… umh, Father? I foresee some major Ravifications of your plan …

[kisses good ole European-style netherworld system goodbye]

And he even said that “others will follow you” … guess he didn’t imagine that statement to continue “into Dis, even” …

Yes I have a question. So YouTube was drunk (like it do), and it threw that ibex video in the recommendeds, the one about the ibex climbing up a sheer *dam* in order to lick the salt way up near the top?

And it made me wonder….

Can Greg walk up walls like that?

A Reader Question:

So, say there’s a different kind of transformation magic competing with medallion illusion magic (like some of what happened to Tim, for example). What wins out, the medallion’s ability to cast a human illusion, or the magical transformations that warp the figure?

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