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Those teeth look familiar – where’s a picture of… Stanley, was it, the big water monster at the Avalon?

Oh Father what big teeth you’ve got….

A very aquatic look so far. And he seems to be quite reasonable, at least for now.

Good lord, he seems to be quite a big’un too… Rather wyvern like possibly from this glance we get of him.

I more than halfway expected him to be the same dragon that old-time Jolcasta was bargaining with, which would have complicated matters even more than they are already. Fortunately that’s not the case, and opening with calling herself an ignorant bumpkin should help in knocking their expectations of this sphinx down from the godlike pedestal they seem to have. Now if only she can manage to not get intimidated into saying something stupid because of teeth and claws.

Somebody’s been reading Batman… :D

Though I doubt it’ll work like that for a good while to come. In time, no doubt, but not too soon.

Heck, even Jesus coming out with all bunch of miracles would have hard time convincing people nowadays that he’s legit.

Well, one thing’s for sure, the dragon gene pool looks to be either varied enough to handle their low numbers or everyone is a separate species and they’re all going to die. Then again, with magic, science, and a dragon’s assumed-to-be-long lifespan, they should be able to wait out cloning tech or spells of some sort if things start to go pear-shaped. Either that or pray they don’t mate for life and try to produce as many young as possible.
Actually, using humans and amulet-style magic they could possibly stealth up their numbers using half-humans, but the theory there is iffy due to a possible resentment toward the race that hunted them into literal hell.

As he collected all eggs he could find most dragons are probably not related to each other.

But I agree that the variety is gigantic and makes them seem like each belongs to a entirely different species. Yes, differences for nonhumans are often exaggerated because humans have a hard time spotting subtle differences in animals etc. but this here seems excessive.

What sort of dragon is that? I’m only asking because there are a lot of different types of dragon and dragon types creatures throughout mythology and lore. Most of the banished dragons seem to be European variants, considering the Lung (Chinese dragons) and Ryu (Japanese dragons) are still very much part of Mythic communities; we haven’t seen anything from the Imoogi and Korean dragon variants, in Korean mythology, the Imoogi are great celestial serpents that collect a treasure once every 5 centuries and become a dragon.

It would be interesting to see something akin to the Lampton worm at some point. In English/British lore, the Lampton Worm is a dragon with a body like an earthworm and the head of a dragon that was immune to being cut because every time it was cut the pieces would just grow right back together. I recommend you check out the story if you already haven’t.

In Vedic and Hindu lore/mythology there is a creature called the Vritra, it’s described as this immense demonic dragon with a serpentine body so massive it can wrap mountains and hunger so ravenous that “it seeks to swallow the sky” and is said to have once held all the waters of the world before they were cut from its stomach when the earth was young. The creature in that cave is too small to be the Vritra, of course, the stories about it say that it’s been sealed away in sleep since its defeat by the divine, so there’s that. So yeah, in its weakened state, it was still so powerful deities couldn’t kill it.

He’s got a point. Others have been far more open to a living spinix than a dragon. Strictly speaking, they didn’t seem fond of dragons before the war, so doubt that changed after.

I don’t think without her voice anyone would even think about helping them. Everyone was pretty willing to let humans hunt them to death to begin with, doubt much as changed now that their descendants are still being held responsible for the sphinx’s death. (even if it wasn’t the generation who did it)

She’s got a point — she’s still coming to terms with not being human, and having all this thrown at her on top of it.

It’s hard to remember sometimes how little in-universe time has passed, relatively speaking.

The dragons seem intent on dumping a whole mess of responsibility on her shoulders that she needs the time to work up to before taking it on. I mean, they’ve waited this long, what’s another couple years while she steadies herself, rather than pushing too hard and blowing it for another millennium or two?

But then, that would probably be a less compelling storyline. :)

Seems Mr Teeth has a more nuanced understanding of things than the Bloodcarver – he wants to get Michelle on board, so he’s going to want to convince, not frighten his figurehead.

I think Bloodcarver wants her on board, but he’s just really bad at not frightening, or seeing her point of view.

I mean, how do you not frighten people when you are a giant dragon and your name is Bloodcarver? Introduce yourself as Mr Carver and not mention your first name?

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