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And you people thought she hadn’t thunk this through…

Granted, you’re right, but she still knows quita a few things! :D

And if Bloodcarver didn’t have a ‘veil’ spell, and only spells that would help him fly faster and more agilely?

Vera knew he could cast the invisibility glamor. She was the one who brought it up. If that wasn’t the case she might have had another idea– obviously she can cast spells on her own of some nature or another.

Maybe just put them in a big stone circle and roll it in like a circus performer.

Does anybody think once they get back to the world, Vera’s going to be Michelle’s annoying-but-sometimes-helpful friend who pops up every now and then?

Well, Vera is going to be VERY much out of her depth, and the idea of an Avalon accepting a literal demon? Or just about any other community.

Then there’s the fun of ‘how to keep the dragon from being seen by humans’ thing. If Bloodcarver wants to fly, he’s going to be way, way out there.

I’m not convinced they will be able to tell that Vera is a demon. Or not. She’s just another different person. Unless she has it tattooed on her face somehow?

Also I’ve been thinking about this. The first magical avalon-dwellers must have turned up somehow. I realise some are the result of humans playing with magic because that’s what humans do. But demons could also be an origin for differently-shaped-people. If you leave out the heavily-christian-influenced reasons for demons to exist. (I’m not a Christian, so I’m still finding it hard to see them as just-evil-because-that’s-what-demons-are). Perhaps a demon isn’t any more important than any other differently-shaped-person. I mean, “monsters” are just people whose parents/ancestors didn’t get a medalion, after all.

From Illumination III, page 26: “The avalon has protections against some of the more malevolent creatures out there. If demons are indeed after her, the spells and wards here will insure they can’t touch her.” It doesn’t explicitly say that they can’t come in, but it seems the most logical interpretation.

I’m curious about the wants and needs of Demons. Do they need to eat normal food? Do they survive parasitically on sentients’ magical energy somehow? Would Vera even WANT to be part of any community, or would she be happy chilling in the middle of nowhere and being left alone?

A lot of questions in terms of what demons get up to once they are out of hell.

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