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Why is it, that when I looked at this pic, I could all too easily see a Bugbear doing that.

How about a bugbear and a dullahan waving their heads at each other while singing “Anything you can do, I can do better”?

Is there anything to stop an unturned non-human from accidentally turning when touching a medallion that isn’t their own? If, say, one of Greg’s relatives touched his medallion, would they be in for the double rude awakening of going satyr-y without any way to hide it?

A Medallion that has an active user, cannot be used by anyone else. So as a consequence, until Greg permanently gives up his Medallion, it can’t be used to Turn anyone else.
The Nokk Medallion that broke the spell on Anthony, didn’t have an active user, and it didn’t Turn Anthony either.

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