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They’ve only every known Dis and Dis pater. It’s a shame that besides Bloodcarver and maybe a few others (if fluffy green’s reaction throughout the conversation is anything to go by) they don’t know much about the outside world and are more importantly desperate for his approval and affection.

Pater has simultaneously kept the pecking order in line after Bloodcarver tried to appeal to the crowd and convinced the majority of dragons present that Michelle had it coming and deserves whatever the demons will do to her in trade for whatever he sold Michelle for (since we do know that a deal had been struck and all the shenanigans with the Grim Brothers prior to this was explicitly because Michelle is considered collections by the Demon Lord on some outstanding claim that they want so badly they’re not willing to wait on Dis to just hand her over personally).

I hope y’all are excited about this part of the comic because I’m excited to draw it!

Extremely Diverse Dragon Morphs’ Martial Arts? Hell Dis yeah! Sure beats the aggrologue! ;-)

… who gets to “chair” Dis Pater with one of his own monuments?

Uh-oh, this won’t end well for Bloodcarver. Though, is every other dragon except Dis Pater much smaller and less scary looking than Bloodcarver? If someone had got Bloodcarver’s job and he was still around, some awkward moments, I’d imagine.

Yea, I’m guessing Dis Pater and him may be a rarer breed than the others as the others seem quite prevalent by comparison. Makes me wonder what Bloodcarvers mate/wife looks like XD. She hasn’t been brought up/shown yet, but I rather hope she will. And hopefully not in just as much trouble as poor Bloodcarver. I do hope the two of them get out of there, but yea this isn’t going to end well at all!

I wonder if Gabe can actually enter Dis. He planned to stop Bloodcarver before from taking her to Dis, if they found about about her being there, they could well try to stop it. They seem to have some vested interest, and perhaps angels in general, that a live Sphinx not fall into the hands of the demons.

I have been following this comic since its first chapter was releasing and always been excited for it! Definitely a personal favorite for me! I can confidently say that I am more excited for the next pages than I’ve probably ever been <3

No, I’m not excited for this part of the comic. I’m afraid of Bloodcarver. Michelle has plot shielding. I’m sure she will be fine in one way or another. But what about poor Bloodcarver? Even if he gets away, where does he go? He will lose even the little bit he had.

I wonder how much doubt or dissent there is among the ranks of the dragons. Greenie at least seems hesitant (either out of shame, empathy or confusion-fueled fear), but the others just seem… Alert, which may mean any number of things. I don’t expect most of them to go against Pater, but I would expect some of them at least to have reserves, either because they remain unconvinced, because they don’t care THAT much or because they don’t consider themselves up to the task (quite possible when you raise your “children” to consider themselves helpless without you).

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