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2023 Reader Question 95

2023 Reader Question 95 published on 9 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 95

So the Shrike/Grasshopper mouse gryphon would be deadly if it wasn’t tiny, but a moose/goose would absolutely destroy everything in its path and would be absolutely terrifying. A turkey/reindeer, however, would probably be pretty chill in comparison.


you’ve never dealt with wild turkeys have yah? they are mean little things that will chase you, and your stupid husky but leave the cats who clearly know better alone.
like yes next to a goose they are tranquil little angles, but still mean.

IDK about reindeer, but I know elk are the same way. Next to a moose they look cute and tiny and sweet, but alone on a dark road at 3am they will absolutely chase you for the audacity of existing. Also if you are stupid and honk at them they will charge your vehicle and unless you drive a semi you aren’t likely to win that fight.

Thinking of a Goosemoose I imagine the sound it would make as beginning with that high pitched HAWWNK! that is drawn out into that deep bellow that moose do.

That a hapless person on an early morning jog hears the world suddenly go quiet before the crashing of trees and the bellowing HuuAWWNK!, huge wings flapping as a beast of mid-size sedan size comes rushing from the reeds. Or worse, a flock of them.

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