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Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 17

Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 17 published on 35 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 17

Sorry for not updating last week! A bunch of personal stuff happened at once and I had to take off. But we’re back now!

I have a new cross-stitch pattern in the shop! It’s my second-favorite cryptid, the Fresno Nightcrawler!


Yeah, for guy who lived with a grumpy racist grandpa for his whole life, he really could have known better

I’m willing to bet he thought Dis Pater was going to ask Michelle for medallions. Given what we’ve seen of his character, I don’t think he’d have brought her there if he’d actually known about the “Hell battery” thing.

Bloodcarver knows this was a bad situation, and likely knew that it might end up this way but hoped sorely that it wouldn’t. I don’t think Bc will want to come back or be welcome back at all at this point, I also hope Michelle does go through with setting about making a medallion for Bc as she said she was going to.

Bc would make a great ally once past all the stigma and general racism towards them and it would give Bc a chance to actually live rather than slowly crumble away in a literal hellscape where nothing lasts.

That was my first thought. Bloodcarver just needs to come back and live with Michelle and the gang with a medallion (and give Kory a chance to come up with a human design for him). He’s practically a pariah among other dragons, now, thanks to defying Dis Pater.

Well, the bloodline bred true. Michelle is as quick tempered as her ancestress. I love Bloodcarver’s eyeroll.

Kory, I hope everything is OK. Best from France.

Let’s be fair to Michelle, she’s being short with Bloodcarver after going through an extremely stressful and dangerous situation Bloodcarver talked her into participating in. She should focus on what’s important [ESCAPING] but she trusted Bloodcarver and it would feel like her trust was taken advantage of if it nearly got her imprisoned.

“They won’t follow us to the mortal plane!”
So many questions from this one speech bubble. Why is Bloodcarver emphasizing the words “follow us”? Does he mean they will be coming to the mortal plane but not necessarily to follow them? Are they still intent on pursuing them in the mortal plane, it’s just that they’ll take a different route? Could it even be an attempt to subtly convince their pursuers to ultimately abandon Dis Pater?

Since Bloodcarver and Dis Pater are the only dragons who have seen the mortal plane, its their word against each other for the rest of the dragons. If even a few follow them and see what it’s like outside of Dis, that will make more supporters for Bloodcarver.

I want to see what happens if the teeny dragon catches up to them.

Also, didn’t Bloodcarver have a wife who was mentioned a while back?

Carver’s wife might be Avocado, the fluffy green noodle? They’re the only dragon who spoke up for Carver, and they’ve looked more and more unhappy as this whole thing went down. Also, Kory has a previous drawing of Carver and a dragon girl who looks a bit like Avocado.

If so, hopefully they’re a faster runner than the rest of this herd.

Her name is Nudelschlange. And I’m pretty sure that drawing your referring too was just an example of how dragons would look with a mid form and BC and Nudelschlange were the examples.

Are Mysticals… non Humans… Avalorians… heck, whatever, bound by the same limits as the animals they share body shape with? What I mean is, felines are usually short distance sprinters, not long distance runners. If Michele has a feline body does it mean that she has to rest during a chase? Hence the before last image when she is catching her breath?

From a purely biological stand point, long distance runner need ways to overcome overheating. The fur won’t help, but she still has sweat glands. Unknown if these glands go across her whole body, but they’re there to help. She’ll probably run somewhere in between.

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