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Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 20

Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 20 published on 43 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Page 20

Fun fact, there is nothing physically behind that wall, at least not in this realm. They’re at the very edge of Dis. There is nothing beyond it.

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So that demented old lizard never intented to be reasonable. Great. I would have said that he can go to hell but he is already there.

No, it was never going to be that easy, was it.

And you can see that moment of betrayed despondent realisation on Bloodcarver’s face that any status or influence he ever had had all been a lie, that he was set up from the start, and now there really is nothing left of his own kind he can relate to – nobody he can trust, and nobody prepared to trust or believe him.

“He told me to bring you to him. So wait… He ment he would then actually take you too? What a twist!”

Bet that would work great with your SO as well.
“Honey. Could bring me the scissors?”
“Get them yourself!”
“But hun-bun. Pleaaaase?”
“Ugh! Fine. … Here you go.”
“Thanks. Now take them away.”
“I just wanted to know you would do it. Didn’t actually want them for anything. Love you.”

But got to admit, posing someone to hand out the scissors to them if they didn’t want go get them would be kinda freaky too.

the original reason given was for a discussion
whereas the guards show that DP never meant for the discussion to be solved in a way where michelle walk away

the positive side in that is that the three guard would not have been told that bloodcarver turned “traitor”, so he may be able to trick them

Poor Bloodcarver. You can pinpoint the moment his heart shatters in this arc to panel three. And worst of all, he’s stuck with Michelle who has no patience for this conga line of bullshit due to being the victim of this sort of thing before. He needs hugs, but has an angry Jocasta instead.

Nothing physically beyond that wall, huh? So does that mean it’s like an empty space void, is it the edge of reality and impossible to pass through/beyond the wall, or is it an infinite empty plane like outside a game world’s mesh…

I am far too sci-fi inquisitive for fantasy worlds. I would experiment with all the magic stuff that might run on squishy logic and decide to do me a 1000-years torture for messing with it.

I’m going to go with “it’s wall all the way out”, but Kory probably has a better/more interesting answer.

Nothing wrong with being inquisitive. The problem with magic is that its very heart is impermeable mystery. It’s not magic if you can explain it. Even in systems of magic that work in predictable ways it’s impossible to get at what magic *is*. Even if you break it down into thaums and resons (or whatever), you’ll end up eventually at a point where you either accept ‘it works because it *does*’ or end up in madness trying to find something beyond that.

This is probably too spoilery to answer, but have the demons been looking for and killing off sphinxes to ensure there’d eventually be only one left?

1) Michelle’s dad supposedly died of an aneurism, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been caused by something supernatural. (To prevent him from having more kids than Michelle.)

2) She stated her dad’s side of the family had always been small. (Possibly culled by demons over the centuries via ‘accidents’ or ‘natural causes’.)

3) The Sphinxes “power share”: the more there are the less any one individual has, but if there’s only one left they’d have all the power.

he who controls the sphinx, controls the universe!

What are the odds these dragons are on Bloodcarver’s side though? I mean they look like they’ve been there a while so they probably ARE there on orders to guard the hellmouths, but some of those dragons did seem interested in what Bloodcarver had to say earlier…

One of them, the one similar to Bloodcarver, admittedly does look annoyed or bored. Almost like they don’t want to be there. haha Honestly only the purple one and the green one a top it’s head seem to be taking this seriously as they are both quite alert compared to the other two.

Naturally. When you’re expected to just watch and nobody really expects anything to happen, boredom.

Blood Carver has fallen from his position as the leader’s favorite and suddenly has to face reality: Dis Pater was not as benevolent to the rest of the dragons as he was to Blood Carver. And that favor was only in exchange for unquestioning loyalty. Now poor BC gets to be treated the way every other dragon was, and worse. Oh dear.

Grrr this is where I would wish Bahamut (as in the Bahamut that is known as the King of Dragons) would show up and teach DisFather a thing or two about real dragon power and honor. Still poor Bloodcarver, he needs comfort big time. This may be my first time ever posting a comment but I have been following the comic for years and have loved every minute of it! :D

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