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Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Pg2

Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Pg2 published on 35 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch5 Pg2

Hmm something about this guy makes me think that he’s not very nice.

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I believe the answer Bloodcarver is going to give is both “no” and “yes”

Well Michelle, he started to protest immediately upon it being reveled that father wants you to never leave, and is currently positioning himself between you and father despite the obvious threat against him and fact that you have been an ass this entire time…so I’d say that’s probably a no.

I’m getting some big Heavensward vibes from this guy. Nidhogg vibes, probably.

Let’s hope Michelle goes Thordan I on Father, rather then Estinien.

(( Spoilerific Context for non-Final Fantasy XIV players: Thordan I was a king in ancient times who presided over a time of peace between his people and Dragons. When asked, the dragon Ratatoskr said she believed that peaceful cohabitation could exist in perpetuity between Dragons and Thordan I’s people, but her brother Nidhogg did not think that the Races of Man had the strength to guard the world… so Thordan I and his Knights Twelve killed Ratatoskr, ate her eyes, and used their newfound strength to nearly kill Nidhogg by stealing his eyes. Nidhogg only survived because his brother Hraesvelgr could not bear to lose two siblings and lent Nidhogg an eye to keep him alive.
Estinien, on the other hand, was a Dragoon many thousands of years later who carried one of Nidhogg’s eyes to constantly bait him into chasing Estinien, distracting him from the city that Thordan I’s people built. After the defeat of Thordan VII, Estinien resolved to put both of the slain Nidhogg’s eyes somewhere that no man would ever be able to abuse their power again. Nidhogg was still conscious, and possessed Estinien, leading to him being the leading antagonist for the next three patches as Nidhogg Reborn.

Looking back at our first introduction to The Bloodcarver and him today, I never really noticed how scarred he’s become…and how many physical injuries he’s experienced..likely at the claws of The Father. Even after all that, I think he genuinely wanted to find a peaceful outcome.

The Father, as the only remaining dragon from the Great War, seems stuck in the past and in his anger.

I really like the color difference between the bottom two panels and the ones in the middle and top. Washed out colors around fathers intention and their situation and warmth bright colors near Michelle. I do wonder if this is also how Bloodcarver thinks. Does he view Michelle as an icon of hope?

Hold on, I’m confused. When the heck did Bloodcarver mention *anything* about needing help? He made it very clear he was ordered by The Father to deliver Michelle to him. And it was Michelle’s idea to talk to him herself instead of being captured again. So why is Michelle so surprised?! Wouldn’t it make total sense that Father is “pleased” with Bloodcarver for delivering Michelle to him when Bloodcarver TOLD Michelle those were his orders?!

All this miscommunication nonsense is driving me crazy.

Bloodcarver was being an idealist; he believed that the father’s intentions were to help them return to Earth. On their walk here he steered the conversation while speaking with Michelle in that direction.

I feel really bad for Bloodcarver. He seems like an ancient and wise dragon but we don’t actually know how old he is relative to the rest of Dragon Kind.

Given that the Sphinx Dragon war took place in the 14th century, and The Father was said to be the only surviving dragon that brought the eggs to Dis, Bloodcarver is under 700 years old, while the Father is likely much older.

The rest of the dragons are of a similar age to Bloodcarver, or younger.

Wow, what a huge, draconic jerk. I know something is probably going to happen that’s going to allow her to leave, because plot, but dang.

Well, keep in mind that he’s the sort who would name his son “Bloodcarver” instead of “Clarence” or “Jim” or “Michael.” Not saying that clinches the deal on what his basic mindset is, but it’s surely a broad hint.

Judging by the way he placed himself between the crazy dragon guy and her and the way he seems just as caught off guard, I’m going to say that BC wasn’t privy to any such plan.
It seems to me that he was operating under the belief that his mission was to retrieve Michelle so that the dragons could present their case and make peace, asking for medallions and a return for dragonkind.
Meanwhile, it seems that Father’s plan was much different.

So, taxonomy of dragons is a complete fool’s errand because almost every culture in the world has a thing they call a “dragon”, but we can definitely see that while Bloodcarver is more of a conventional European dragon–what we understand as a dragon by modern depictions–the Father is what usually gets called a wyvern, where he only has four limbs instead of six and has to walk with his wings.

Which leaves me wondering–just how broad does this get? Are Chinese dragons here, too? Or are they given their own name because of how different they are from the “monstrous” dragons?

I believe I saw once in a Reader Question that the ‘good’ Eastern Dragons didn’t get into a war with Sphinxes and as such could remain in the Non-Limbo-world. So I think it’s just all European/Arabian dragons that had to exile.(not sure about any American ones)

Child abuse.

To add, a difference between the Sphinxes and the Father: Michelle, with all of her memories, did not bear a directive to effect genocide against the dragons. The Father, however, has seen fit to abuse His children, and perpetuate that belief within them. In a way, He embodies the harsh, yet classic, fruits of hubris, which cast its enactors into Hell.

The more modern eye might see that His children are fed lies to support His sickness, and are both physically and emotionally punished when they disagree. In Dis, no less, where physical healing appears slow.

The Hell that the Father has created, both internally and externally (bringing them to Dis) becomes self-perpetuating. The old ways of hatred cannot let go, and thereby infect the future and present.

This seems to be a consistent problem with dragons that they open negotiations with threats and ultimatums. They’re unwilling to change tactics even when their whole species is trapped in actual, literal hell for eternity and will never get out if talks fail, so long as their precious pride stays intact. Sorry, current events have got me a bit down.

Bloodcavers looks like they want to get minuscule then crawl under the tiniest rock they can find and hide to never be seen again. I get the impression as well form the others that are witnessing it but dare not speak up lest they too bear the wrath.

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