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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 11

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 11 published on 16 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 11

Sorry for the delay in posting! It’s still technically update day, so I haven’t missed an update yet, hah hah. My arm is slowly healing and I’m taking care of it, but drawing is still much slower than I’m used to, so bumps in the schedule will probably still happen for the foreseeable future. Thank you for sticking with me while I figure this out!


That Dragon honks naturally?

I get the idea it was more like hitting someone in the solar plexus, versus dropping a two tonne anvil on them. The effect of a careful pinpoint hit is impressive, but the actual energy load isn’t too expensive.

Wouldn’t draining that dragon even be a net gain of energy, rather than just a low-expense show move?

(Yeah, sure, when it comes to knowledge-backed statements on the workings of magic, I am likely talking out of my lower-level hellmouth … :-3 )

1. I REALLY like Vera! Plenty of sass in her, funny and fairly intelligent. She’s in as serious a state as Michelle and Bloodcarver are because she’s bucking everything that demons do. If she’s caught the consequences are directly for her but she just blithely carries on.

2. So if the dragons closed the Hellmouths, …well, Bloodcarver’s a dragon. Surely between the three of them pooling their resources, they could get one Hellmouth open long enough to hurry through it?

It sounds like the Hellmouths may also need to be authorized/cooperative given the last statement. In that state I imagine it’s an easy enough thing to open/close by those with permissions. But in an unauthorized/uncooperative state, it sounds like it takes an immense amount of energy. Bloodcarver likely had that permission, but I’m sure it’s been stripped too.

it’s something Michelle may be able to do, if she knew how. She does seem to have an immense amount of power at her disposal, just not the understanding of how to use it yet.

Granted that’s just my theory on it.

Sphinxes have the ability to make immensely magical medallions, teleport at will, heal grievous wounds, banish demons and even make a shield. I’m sure Michelle could open one of those, perhaps even destroy one; but she still doesn’t know how to do any of the powers we’ve been shown on command.

God I love theorizing on fantasy stuff. The answer could be anything!

Hmm, and yet the dragons, who aren’t even indigenous to Dis, can open and close these at will. What else are dragons capable of? Part of my wonders if Dis Pater is keeping some secrets of the dragons with him, so that no one ever tries to fight him for leadership. We do, after all, know that Bloodcarver is capable of magical spells such as invisibility glamours and that bubble he had Michelle and Greg in. Perhaps breathing fire and being generally humongous wasn’t the only thing that made the sphinxes not want to give them medallions. What if they used to be able to move mountains and part seas? They have been depicted as rivaling the power of the sphinxes after all.

Vera I love your hot pants.

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