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Okay, the question of the Orientations casts’ Pokemon starter choices was answered – How about the Exchanges cast?

Tobias and Colin were RQ #1 for the January 2017 RQs.
Paul might have played Pokemon on a GameBoy original, but as for the rest of the rest of the Exchanges cast, the only one who we definitely know is a Pokemon fan is Rupert.
With their lack of finances, it’s highly doubtful if Jon or Lorne would have had a GameBoy.
Having moved to the UK from Japan, Leah does seem likely to have had a GBC.
Eleanor, Sam, and Dermot, no idea.
Blanche and Anthony, PlayStation consoles, so either of them playing Pokemon on a GBA, I don’t think so.

What would the Aloan form be of this?

Dunno, you need a medallion stone to evolve it first.

You’d need to catch a Meowth/Rufflet Pokémon to be able to evolve it in SM/USUM with an Alolan form.
Meowth evolves to Alolan Form via Max Happiness. Rufflet at L54.
With how aggressive Rufflet is, to get Max Happiness, that would likely mean winning a LOT of battles using the Meowth/Rufflet.

What other wonky critters exist in wonderland?

More please. There are many cat Pokémon, and of course many many bird Pokémon.
Purrhaps Raikou+Zapdos? Or Pyroar+Talonflame? Or Glaceon+Arcticuno? Or Skitty+Swablu? Or Purugly+Honchkrow? Or Leopard+Swellow? Or Incineroar+Hawlucha? Or ……. um… can’t really think of any more good combos..

What about combining the two? Oh! What would the gang look like as Pokemon?

I enjoy drawing characters from various things as Pokémon (checkout my instagram innkeeper_molimo).
I’m thinking:
Michelle-Persian or Pyroar (with wings)
Jim-Arcanine or Pyroar (with the beak of Ho-oh, and wings)
Greg-Gogoat (probably mixed with something more humanoid)
Merial- hm, this one’s difficult, there aren’t many humanoid water types. Possibly golduck for the torso, maybe Milotic for the tail, not sure about the head though.

Question: has an ermine totem appeared before in the Skin Deep universe? I would bet they would be vain as heck.

Oh! Unrelated to Pokemon-ery, but I remember someone in the comic mentioning a while ago that there were a lot more Totems in America as compared to England. That must mean there are at least a few native English totems, aren’t there? Can we see them? A hedgehog totem, maybe!

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