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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 16

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 16 published on 20 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 16

They don’t call her Vera “Jazzhands” Lastname for nothing! Also in case you forgot since it’s been literally years since it was ever mentioned: Michelle’s jewelry and various gewgaws are all good luck charms! If you look closely, she’s been adding to her collection with every new story she’s been in.

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Yeah I dont think it’s that much of a convincing argument for mich being lucky.

I don’t know. She’s been awfully lucky. She’s just gotten things she specifically didn’t ask or at least any of the burdens that come with all the perks.

Heck, who wouldn’t want to be a Chosen One without anything bad associated to it.

I was just wondering if the orange feather was donated by Jim and Vera touched that one because that luck charm works on Michelle’s faith rather than actual magical imbuement.

Since luck charms are expensive, does Jim buy most of them, or have they reached a critical mass where new ones that she can easily acquire just happen to cross her path periodically? I know the black feather and foxfur are gifts from a couple of totems.

Actually, Michelle is very lucky. Bloodcarver is now an ally instead of a threat, she can see that the other dragons could also deserve a chance if Dispater were out of the picture, and she should know that Dispater is her true enemy. And now she’s got a demon who just wants to escape with her, though there are probably strings attached to that deal.

There’s always strings attached in these kinds of deals, it’s whether Mich can, or WILL or pull them in here favor. It’s a mark of a good protagonist if they can get the right balance of threads pulled for and against them.

This discussion reminds me of a Henry Kuttner story I read years ago, “Housing Problem”. A guy buys a house with what looks like a covered birdcage in one room, and he’s told to leave it alone. It turns out to contain a tiny rental home for a type of fae, and the rent is paid in good luck. He screws up, and gets new tenants who pay their rent in /sloppy/ good luck.

I don’t think I like Vera anymore.

She is VERY good at gaslighting.

Well, she DID just have her biggest insecurity laid bare. Vera admitted to being bottom-of-the-barrel near-useless demon in Hell. Even people don’t like having to admit they are desperate, since it give others leverage over them.
Given that this is Hell and I don’t imagine them being very nice, she is probably internally panicking that Michelle and Bloodcarver would just stab her in the back and leave her to die. Out of these three, she has the most to lose at this point by helping them. People are nice when they have the leniency to be so, but turn jerkish when under immense stress.

Besides getting out what’s in it for her? However I figure that if she wants out of this place I want assurances that she isn’t going to cause havoc up on Earth. If anything I want her to live a Good human life and as long as she keeps to that promise, I’m good with her being out of there.

Just realized how much the “casual invasion of personal space” is such a lowkey display of evil, or at least shadiness.

Dudebro villains are known for doing it to their female captives, which is its whole other thing to unpack…but here we have Vera casually invading Michelle’s space.

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