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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 38

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 38 published on 40 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 38

New Circle Who Dis. Michelle is soggy again.

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Cats hate water.

They don’t. They hate when humans decide to get them wet. But if they decide to get wet on their own accord? Then they’re perfectly fine with water. I’ve know cats who just sat there out in the rain, refusing to get back home, because look human you get showers all the time so why don’t you want me to soak in the rain, you hypocritical biped? Also cats that like to swim.

But if you decide to give them a bath, then it’s a declaration of war, obviously.

I love Bloodcarver loafing like a cat. 10/10 loaf

It’s been road-trippy and no conflict for quite a while…

That is a *stark* change… I wonder how this is going to go…

They have reached the 5th Circle which is supposed to have angry people fighting in the water. Glad they are on the boat. I am most worried about the 7th Circle which is full of violent criminals.

Not just angry people. Angry and the sullen.

But as the other two circles showed, as long as they stay on the path, they’re safe. I mean, they didn’t get squashed by any giant boulders of gold, right?

Seven has murderers, but remember that it’s also the violent against self, nature and God.

The suicides, the usurers, the blasphemers and the sodomites.

Random thought – I can really tell that Michele is comfortable with her forms now. She’s human when she hits the water, mid-form when she gets out (using her claws to assist), and then full human again when on the boat. Quick changes, and probably something she didn’t even think about.

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