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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 39

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 39 published on 20 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 39

All this traveling and it looks like they’re finally about to get somewhere.

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Looks like they are finally at dis.

Yep. As empty as the other circles are of demons, we probably won’t see any challenges ala Dante.

They’ll still need a rope from the city to tie the boat down with.

You know. A Dis cord.

What a neck you have there, Meesh.

And is that Dis they’re happening upon now?

I, too, was going to comment on the neck. I also feel like her overall facial features have become different since the beginning of the comic before she awakened as a sphinx. It could just be standard art evolution, but..I don’t know how to describe this. Her features look more…ethnic? Like… Okay so I’ve always thought that the human facial features of both types of sphinx look very strongly like the region they come from, and I feel like Michelle’s features have picked up a stronger resemblance to those types as the comic has gone on? Like the shape of her nose and stuff…

This is 4, that surely can’t be Dis yet? Are there demons who live outside the city then?

No, this is 5. The wrathful and sullen.

So, yes, this is Dis.

Wrath <– we are here
Dis comprises the next four circles, which are:
Violence — subdivided into three rings
Fraud — subdivided into ten rings
Treachery — subdivided into four rings

Wonder where Vera is going. If she has been honest about her intent, she should stop at Heresy, since her professed desire to escape Hell is a clear rejection of the religious and mythopolitical norm that demons like her live in Hell.
Violence is not a likely stop because, with Bloodcarver in Team Michelle, Vera would have to have a lot of class levels in ninja to stand a chance. I mean, he's a big frigging dragon.
If she end up stopping at Fraud or Treachery, BC and Meesh will just go "I knew it".

In the Inferno, Dante mentions he saw the City of Dis in the distance while he was in the Fifth Circle, serving as the border to the lowest circles.

And if we follow this little jaunt to its logical conclusion, we’re getting ice-skating Michelle.

The dreadful city of Dis, its windows, illuminated with the flames of torment, bringing to mind the work of Hieronymus Bosch.

Vera: *paddles them round so that the city is no longer silhouetted* Nope. The tacky city of Dis – its windows, illuminated with the glow of kitsch, bringing to mind the work of Thomas Kinkade. :-p

Michelle: *stares* Is that a souvenir stand?

Vera: Don’t make eye contact!!!!!!!!!


“My parents went to Dis and all I got was this stupid t-shirt”

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