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2019 Reader Questions 1

2019 Reader Questions 1 published on 14 Comments on 2019 Reader Questions 1

Some reader questions! I’ll be doing reader questions every weekday until chapter 3 starts in a couple weeks!

First question is about selkies! Zeke is a background character that I keep drawing in reader questions but I don’t think he’s actually made it into the comic properly?? But he takes care of Stanley.


I’m wondering what some of the ‘non-human’ “fairytales” (or nursery rhymes) are? Are they similar to ours but with more ‘creatures’? Or completely different? (I’m hoping the answer won’t just be Alec telling us that the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs is actually a Bugbear.)

…but of *COURSE* he’ll say that!

ALEC: “Nahh; actually, it’s the Grandma who was the Bugbear. See, we tell the story different than you humans do, you got it all wrong– Grandma ate the wolf; that poor sucker never stood a chance.”

I would love to know more about some of the larger types of mythics that exist in the Skin Deep universe, and if it makes it harder for them to ever be able to use their real form. Oh! And were other species besides unicorns hunted to extinction, like some of those larger species?

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