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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 37

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 37 published on 21 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 37

Oh come on, she JUST got dry!

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Of course Vera is not pushing.

As an old sailor it’s always wise, when there isnt a convenient rope to hold (This IS hell so I can’t really criticise the lack of seamanship for NOT having a painter already bent on), to have somebody in the boat when pushing it into the water. When it suddenly comes unstuck from the bottom and all that effort you were exerting to get to that point goes into making it float away, it’s embarrassing.

Umh, guys? Next time you have to move a flat-bottomed boat a considerable distance across dry land, try putting that punt pole underneath to serve as a roller.

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