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Just reach in, pull out an angry ghost, and rip its cloak from it. No biggie.

That works for Meesh, but what about ol’ Bloody here?

it also might be, or look like, a way to trick her into actually doing something that make her belong to hell and get the angel of their (the demon’s) collective back

wearing a stolen and thematic cloak is a lot more suspicious than eating an imported fruit

It’ll take a wee bit longer, but I’m sure there’s shades plenty enough to cover Bloody too.

How well will it work? Eeeh, I dunno. Might not even be the point that it actually works. Good enough if it confuses people for a while.

Shades don’t feel anything. According to who? It seems to me that they in fact are there to feel something. If it’s really hell, that’s the whole point.

According to Vera. And, of course, unreliable in such regards.

Vera treats Hell like some abandoned avant-garde art installation created by someone on one serious acid trip that demons have been forced to live in, with naught but the shades for company.

Course, we all know this version of Hell was created by an irate Florentine poet with Gary Stu proclivities, but hey! Acid trip seems appropriate for this…

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