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Reunion Page 25: The End

Reunion Page 25: The End published on 93 Comments on Reunion Page 25: The End

That’s the end of Reunion! I hope you liked it!

Skin Deep will be going on HIATUS for at least a month, perhaps more. I realized I haven’t taken off more than a month between stories in 8 years, and I need to play catch up with a lot of stuff, including finishing the third Skin Deep book, updating the website, and a ton of serious writing of future comics!

Thank you for reading Skin Deep! See you soon!!


In the end, Tony and Blanche are still friends! Which is great!

I don’t think this’s the end, there another thing. I think Anthony go meet Michelle, or something.

they’d probably hit it off real well. sit around grumping about how they turned into something that wasn’t even supposed to exist. However, I don’t see why they actually would meet yet. After all, Blanche and Jim didn’t seem to interact much, so Jim wouldn’t have interacted with Tony much…. that whole “ocean in between the two” thing also makes it a bit more unlikely.
However!! Perhaps Michelle will start traveling the world to learn more about the Great War and to try to find the families her father mentioned to her when his shade communicated with her in her dreams. That could lead to her getting to the LA and meeting Tony

I hope he and his mom can get together again soon.

Even though they’re not saying anything, it’s good to see Blanche able to smile, and Anthony start to relax after an exceedingly stressful day.

Before long, things will sink in, and he might even be okay with it.

After all, he’s now the only known male harpy in existence, if I read this story right.

He’s going to be very popular.

Why does everyone keep assuming that female harpies will flock to him? (Sorry)

They’re not a two-sex species that’s lost one sex and misses it. They’re a one-sex species that is used to getting together with other species. They may well just think he’s weird.

This just goes to show, there is no problem a good video game can’t fix.

It helps that it’s the worst level of that game, so Anthony knows Blanche is suffering too. Partners in misery.

Not the worst. Hollow Bastion is terrible. Almost every encounter carries the risk of Sora throwing himself off some edge or cliff in pursuit of an auto-targeted flying enemy and setting you back at minimum 3 screens. Which is long enough for the enemies you were trying to fight past to respawn. Plus, Riku exists.

Monstro is just a maze, by comparison. There’s very few places in Monstro that truly set you back like that, and those all but evaporate when you get High Jump near the end of the level.

I hope we’ll get to see more of the Missouri group next. Aside from some of the mini series, they haven’t been the focus since… basically the beginning, right?
Anyways, I’m sure whatever you do will be great :)

Good luck with everything, Kory!

totally impressive story overall, blanche is a wonderful charachter and i look forward to when ya make a come back, when i get some bills sorted out and finished by in 5 months im hoping to paetron this, i find this comic to be very enjoyable, i look forward to your return, btw, tony may not be happy about it, but very creative with the story of making a male harpy magic is quite sensitive and taken too lightly, it ends up causing alotta chaotic effects any other ideas of bringing in surprise myth/legendary creatures? for example a tanuki ooor a grendal for example?

Try putting some more deer stuff in your house there Blanche, I almost went 2 whole seconds without being reminded that your family are, in fact, deer.

I know, right? I guess it’s sort of like people putting American flags and red white and blue around your house. Culture/species pride.

Or like humans putting portraits and statues of humans everywhere in their houses. Some do. Family photos, portraits, classical art… They might go a little overboard on it, but I would be more surprised if they didn’t have deer stuff everywhere.

Just a thought. It’s a damn good relief that Tony wasn’t a dancer or dance enthusiast. Pretty hard to dance with wings and bird feet.

Hey, folks, I know we’re all eager to see the return of the comic, but I’m sure Kory’s just spending more time getting her creative cells charged again. She’s still posting stuff like the medallion preorder. She’ll be back when she’s rested, and sometimes pressure can interfere with that charging stuff, so just have patience and admire the deer-ear-expressions in the meantime! :)

Hey guys, this is completely unrelated to the current comic, but I think the guys over in the Dogpatch Avalon had better find some really good hiding places.

Pay to view oldspaper conned-tent.

It was free when I viewed it.

Free here, looks like you get blocked only after looking at more than 10 articles in the month.

Agree with Flaming… Dogpatch crew looks to have had to move on… best of luck to the blokes trying to restart the park, hopefully good for the local economy if it gets fully going… at least the Hellmouth is gone before the Walk happens! ;-)

Hey ho! :3
I wonder if you’ll ever add some unusual austrian/german mythical creatures!? (Or did you already?)
Things like the Basilisk, the Klushund or the Nachtkrapp?
There are much more myths out there but no english wiki. :(

Sorry if my english is bad, it’s not my native language! >.<

So, while we wait, anyone wanna throw out any ideas on what the next arc is gonna be about?

There’s 2 important current events for the LA which need chronicling.
Anthony and The Elders.
Blanche and the cops, when Anthony doesn’t go back to school and has effectively vanished from the world outside the LA.

As for the Missouri group, Gabe quite inadvertently gave the Grimm Brothers some very useful info, so another Demon attack would not be out of order.

I hope to see Michelle figuring out how to use her sphinx powers a bit more, or at least figured out a midform. I say Michelle and Greg are now actively dating, Jim got a call from Lorne or vice versa, Merial does nixie stuff, and yes, there is gonna be another demon attack. I also suspect an eventual meetup of Michelle and Tony, but not in this next arc. I dunno how that’s gonna happen, but I’m sure Kory can get it all figured out.

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