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She has a point.

If she were lying about the dragon thing, Bloodcarver would call her out in it. She might be lying about whether draining the two of them might kill them though. And I could easily see her justify it by saying “I didn’t know for CERTAIN that it would probably be deadly!

Ultimately she seems more desperate than fundamentally untrustworthy to me… although the end result is the same.

Ooooh, oh yeah, those. Good call.
…You know, I used to wonder about the logistics of good luck charms or abilities in stories where they do work, especially when it’s stuff that needs a lot of far-reaching or downright retroactive influence. Pretty fascinating to think about.

On one hand, I very much appreciate Michelle having a good amount of suspicion for strangers, especially since it’s been like, a countable number of hours since Bloodcarver handed her over to his pater (and then rescinded that handing over)

But also like, girl, how much more proof do you need???

She just got her ass beat protecting you from falling into the hands of the grim brothers, her motivations are VERY clear here, and screwing you over would actively hurt her mission to GTFO of dis place.

I honestly think Vera has zero tricks up her sleeve here and Michelle is just falling prey to her implicit biases.

Reading back the first Skindeep I realised that we still have no idea about the attack that Michelle’s dad tried to warn her about. Could it be that Vera is going to say something that will point at it or that the Hellmouth is going to bring them to the place where ‘they’, whoever they are, are readying an attack.
Or is the Pater himself the culprit?

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