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Well she has a point there, you really don’t want others chasing you out of one of those.

True, but as Eala Dubh says below, that attitude is not going to help her standing outside of hell… especially with an empathetic person like Michelle. Any credit she has built on the way out will be burnt very quickly.

While I certainly don’t disagree about the empathy… Aren’t… Hellmouth’s always killed when they’re closed? Like by earth side demon hunters too? I feel like closing a hell portal is only a point in Vera’s favor.

I feel like Hellmouths are magical constructs, they made this one out of magic and a picture. I’m not sure they’re “real” like Michelle or Vera.

“I dunno, who cares” may not be the ideal way to ingratiate yourself with the outside world after you just did that Vera, whether you had to or not.

Seems to me that Vera is quite inured to things of this nature.

After all, she’s been surrounded by suffering for a VERY long time, none of which she could do anything about. And suffered herself, which she couldn’t do anything about, except absorb the blows, get up, and keep going.

So I can see her attitude of “Don’t care, I’m just trying to keep myself safe…” as a survival mechanism.

It may be callous, but … you can look around RL and see the exact same thing…

Learning to live in a more peaceful and constructive environment may take her quite a bit of work, though!

Well, naturally.

How old is Vera, exactly? One does not unlearn decades of coping overnight.

That and she has to learn the rules of an entirely different society. She’s used to a destructive and abusive one. She’s now getting into one that’s a little more … empathetic? Has its own issues, but there are actual safe havens.

Centuries, more likely. Vera has a lot of work ahead of her, learning to live on the mortal plane.
I hope she finds a good teacher.

Teacher, maybe. Therapist, definitely.

And a place to live. Probably best amongst the Wonderlanders in an Avalon. They seem to know something about discrimination.

AND someone who’ll vouch for her if Gabe comes visiting. No sense in our resident Angel getting all smitey…

Since Vera needs to siphon off magic in order for her powers to function, then Wonderland with its overabundance of the stuff is definitely the ‘ideal’ hiding place she’d want to be in.

No, she has power of her own. The problem that they ran into is that she’s wasn’t powerful enough. So in order to do BIG things, she needs to siphon magics.

But for the small stuff? She’s good on her own.

As for moving to Wonderland, maybe? I think Vera would FAR prefer to be on Earth.

The brimstone is still rising from its nostrils, it may not be 100% dead/disabled, but it will be very difficult if not impossible to open.
Vera may be more willing to team up with others to escape Hell, but she’s still a demon, which may explain her disregard for the Hellmouth’s fate.
I’d suspect that, like the demons themselves, Hellmouths can respawn or be resummoned.
OKKFS (Only Kory Knows For Sure)

I think I’m empathising with Vera more than some other people. Hellmouth being alive = bad. I feel a little sorry for the critters that our cats and the exterminator kill because they tried to share our home, but I also hate the consequences that the uninvited guests bring.

Yeah, Vera has done good and does deserve some empathy (which is one of the differences between our plane and her native one, or at least it should be!) but it remains to be seen how well and how constructively she can adapt.

Let’s hope for the best! :-)

Don’t forget the Hellmouth has two heads. It’s probably not dead if the other head is still fine. Just kinda crippled and useless, but not dead.

I figure Gray Hellmouth’s Earth-side head ended up inside Green Hellmouth’s Hell-side head, meaning that people entering Green Hellmouth would also enter Gray Hellmouth and end up at the park with the other Hellmouths where Gray Hellmouth’s Hell-side head was located.

Honestly, *trying* to close a hellmouth leading directly into what is essentially a city of demons is probably a good idea. I mean all the other ones we saw are on the outskirts of the outermost ring, any demon has to go through 4 rings to get there and this one is like right in their backyard. I say *trying* because this is clearly not the last of this. As shown it takes a ton of magic to open a hellmouth to begin with, if it was so easy for demons to open it, that one wouldn’t be reduced to graffiti art and I doubt it is that easy to close or block off once opened. That goodness it is at least in the middle of nowhere and not directly in Avalon.

Gabe stabbed one to death with a regular sized sword, I’m pretty sure that a half ton of pointy rocks will do the trick just fine.

I’m just going to pop in and appreciate the geological detail here. Where a normal comic would probably just break off stalactites, here we get basalt columns getting broken out of the cave roof of a cave in a basalt formation. Having the proper bits of mineral formation crashing down instead of completely misplaced limestone warms the heart of a certain kind of nerd, and I apparently am that sort.

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