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“Look, I owe you my own freedom, but you have no idea how this world works and if you insist on going out alone, you are on your own and I won’t help oyu when the scary angel-person comes and kicks you back to Heck.”

I am on the boat of ‘Leave Vera on the island’ after that comment.
Yeah she’s a demon, but did she really think she would get away with anything?

She got them literary out of hell. She deserves more than being left for dead.

Left for boredom maybe, as far as we know demons don’t need to eat, so leaving her here just means she’s stuck here until she learns how to swim via trial and error.

We don’t know that she doesn’t need to eat and it doesn’t matter.

However nasty or troublesome she might seem, she still was true to her word and pulled through. Without her, Michelle would be a living magic battery right now and who knows what would have happened to Bloodcarver.

The very least she is owed is a lift, if not more.

If she insists on ditching these people and refusing their help to cause trouble that’ll likely get the angels smacking her ass back to Dis in a handbasket, that’s on her. But Michelle and Bloodcarver owe her big regardless.

I think she had never ventured to the mortal realm before, so she would probably be better off with some locals like Michelle to introduce her and to find her bearings without getting into massive trouble right away – this is not dis, but harmless it ain’t even so! ;-)

I was recently rereading Orientations and in one of the notes, it was mentioned that angels and demons don’t have free will. Demons will do bad even if they don’t want to and angels will do good even if they don’t want to. Don’t know if that is still canon, but if it is, Vera’s “harmless ruckus” doesn’t bode well at all.

Huh, that’s interesting! I vaguely remember something to that effect… Could you please tell me where exactly the note is?
That does bring up a fascinating question of what or who defines what “bad” and “good” is in this instance… Ethics is generally agreed upon to be a fairly contextual affair.

Sorry for the late reply, I just now saw your comment. It was said in the Orientations physical book in the notes section for page 141. The exact quote is in reference to Gabe on Orientations Part V Pg 27:

“In Skin Deep, angels and demons are closely related, as neither of them has free will. Demons are compelled to do evil, while angels are compelled to do good, and I thought it would be fun to have a good character who doesn’t like being good, but can’t help it.”

Vera – remember that you are not in Dis any more, you don’t look much like anyone “local” and now you’re the one several planes of existence from your power-base, while the sphinx glaring at you, along with the dragon staring over her shoulder, are no longer subject to the power-draining effects of Dis.

Michelle – remember that you are not in Dis any more and you’ve got all your whammy back. Vera has probably not realised this yet so while you have to stop her, do try not to HURT her.

Bloodcarver – sit back and watch the show buddy. If Michelle misses the tackle you can always play safety.

Michelle has no command over her powers (yet). Right now, the worst thing she can do to Vera is simply leave her by flying away.

So far, she seems to have done ok when either:
(a) operating purely on instinct
(b) royally pissed off
(c) desperate

Vera has already managed (b). Continuing to the point of adding (c) would probably not be a good idea as, at that point, we can probably take (a) as a given.

Like Glaistig/Satyr/Bugbear level or are we about to have a problem?

It’d be a bit short-sighted to throw away this opportunity. It’d be wise to stay chummy with Michelle, seeing as how she can help find you a non-sucky place to live, and she’s the only one around who can potentially make brand new types of medallions for any species hint hint nudge nudge Vera

If Vera can be persuaded to tone down the ruckus enough, I can imagine Eleanor befriending her as a fellow refugee.
Also, I see that they have emerged at the end of a day. We have yet to see how many of those there have been. The weather still seems summer-ish, and I doubt that the Irish Sea is famous for its balmy autumns.

Fingal’s Cave is at the South end of Staffa, so if they have to look left at the Sun as they walk out, it’s in the East, hence morning.

We don’t know for sure how long Bloodcarver took to bring Greg back to the LA and return to Staffa, but the 2.5 panels we see of the site as he and Michelle headed into the hellmouth there (ch 3 title page) seem to show the sunshine coming in from an angle that suggests the same time of day or up to a couple hours later …

I don’t know when everybody decided it was Fingal’s Cave, but this isn’t Fingal’s cave, sorry!

I just skimmed back through, and I saw that the start of this scene (on page 65) was captioned, “Somewhere in the Irish Sea”. So, they’re not /drastically/ off course. They only missed it by /this/ much.
That leaves the question of whether pursuers will use the Fingal’s Cave hellmouth, which is probably closer to Liverpool than this one is.

Okay. I did a little research, in previous pages and in mainstream sources. Kory never said, in caption or dialog, that the hellmouth cave is Fingal’s Cave on the Isle of Staffa. In fact, she said it’s not, just above here in the comments on this page.
Also, this stone muffin of an island does not look like Staffa, which is in the Inner Hebrides, on the other end of the North Channel from the Irish Sea. From what I’ve read, the Scottish mainland and other islands are visible from Staffa. The Fingal’s Cave identification must have come from a commenter (I didn’t dig that deep).
This must be one of the numerous tiny, uninhabited islands that don’t have names on any map you’re likely to find. And there doesn’t seem to be any other land within sight. It does appear to be the same island again; some visual difference can be explained by a change of tides.
Vera swam away with the setting sun on her left, so she was heading north, which probably isn’t the way to Liverpool.

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