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I feel a lot better knowing that he wasn’t trying to hurt himself and was just trying to give his feathers a trim. I was really worried about him for all of last week!!

Poor Anthony, he didn’t know that was gonna happen. And just remember that has to feel like getting a rod pulled out of you arm.


On a light note, Blanche’s mom is super sassy.

I always admire people who can stay calm in the face of blood like that.

I’m guessing she’s a nurse – either that or has a lot of experience with winged patients

Well look, she has wings of her own. I’m sure she knows her own anatomy quite well. I’m surprised Blanch doesn’t have wings, must be a redundant gene.

Blanche isn’t a Peryton, he’s a white stag. White Stags don’t have wings.

No, but if I understand correctly, kids born from two parents can be a combination of the parents traits.
(I think that’s what Callak was getting at)

In Ike’s case, there was a heavy disguising magic involved on one parent from a monster race.
Don’t forget, _both_ Ike’s father and his mother, are from what are regarded as monster races.
So in Ike’s case there was no Medallion Magic involved, so the established rules regarding offspring and Medallion Magic did not apply.
In Anthony’s case, we got to see what happens where there is one disguised monster, and one human parent. Once again, the established rules regarding offspring and Medallion Magic did not apply.

I don’t think shapeshifters are considered monsters, even though they don’t use an amulet, because of their ability to make themselves look just like a human. The reason they don’t have amulets isn’t because no one would make them one (because they were a monster) but because they didn’t need one.

Jacob, you’ve forgotten Eleanor’s response to Jon in Exchanges chapter 1, page 25, panel 4.
“Bandersnatches don’t have Medallions either. by _definition_ I’m a _monster_”.
The way I read it is: if your race of mythological beings does not have Medallions, then your race is classed as monster.

Ike, even though he can shapeshift without a Medallion is classed as, and regarded as, a monster.
By definition, bugganes are a monster race, as they do not have Medallions.

Oh wow, loving Blanche’s mom already!

Quick question, is she a piebald deer/peryton or are all peryton like that or is there a breed of deer with that pattern I’m unaware of?

unless bird-dude anatomy is different, i don’t recall cut bloodfeathers to actually hurt birds, because there’re no nerve endings in them. they just bleed a lot because there are veins inside the feather to provide nourishment until they’re fully grown.

although if fantasy creature bird anatomy is indeed different from animal birds, that’s okay!

Oh. They hurt. Having owned a clumsy cockatiel for 14 years now, I can tell you. They hurt.

That being said, my girl broke a few bloodfeathers that I missed taking out, and she healed up pretty nicely. She’s got some scar tissue that’s causing her new feathers to come in crooked, but she’s getting way more lift than I thought she would with them and they don’t seem to hurt her at all. If Anthony was cool with never being an adept flyer, he probably could have left those stubs in.

Look on the bright side, Tony.

She only has to yank out three feathers.

One more to go.

If those three feathers are the only feathers Tony is having removed, and I get the feeling they aren’t… Unless that’s all for now until later.

“Look on the bright side, Tony.”

Now for a look to the *dark* side: Tony has just been told that, while scissors don’t cut it (pun intended), *yanking* the feathers out will work. At the expense of tightly clenched teeth, of course. I.e., self-mutilation just became an option again.

Oh, oh, oh, does she have a human shadow I sure hope so

You seem to have that old story motif turned around, there. Since the shadow was supposed to reveal the soul or the true form, she could be expected to cast the shadow of a winged deer regardless what shape her medallion gives her the illusion of.

But, if that motif applied in this storyverse, I think somebody would have noticed by now.

As far as motifs go that may be true, but I believe perytons are supposed to cast a human shadow even as winged deer; it’s part of their mythology. Until they kill a man; then they get their own shadows. So, I’d be worried if she DIDN’T have a human shadow as a winged deer!

Don’t you love it when you’re in insufferable utter agony and the doctor takes the time to tut-tut you for your foolishness? Sheesh. It’s not like he knew any better. I think the poor guy’s already paying for his mistake.

Blanche is being too soft on Tony, just leaving him be.

If Tony had gotten “the talk” sooner, he wouldn’t be in this mess.

Okay, it’s obvious Tony’s been there for a while given how much his feathers and hair have grown out. Really, it seems Blanche’s mom should have had this talk with him a lot sooner—like as soon as they saw him. In fact, it seems like the village should even have someone professional (like a counselor) who talks to new-turned residents and educates them on their new anatomy.

Yeah, but would Tony have gone (and if so, listened)? He might’ve been sulking around, hoping for someone to find a cure/medallion for him. (If anything, whacking off his feathers might be a sign of a depression that’s lifting a little, in that he was trying for a proactive way to either help him fit in shirts and not knock things over — or wear a really big trenchcoat and go visit his mom.)

…I gotta remember that set of cussing, too.

Blanche’s mother is adorable.

She obviously has a good head on her shoulders as well, and I like that just as much.

Okay, Anthony simply made an assumption and did something that turned out to be a bad idea.
I had thought he was being self destructive before, and I am happy to see I was wrong.

The boy really needs to get out and learn to fly.
Then he just might discover a love for those wings after all.


I’d still say he was being self-destructive… just not on the same scale that we feared. He was trying to clip the feathers off, after all: removing the biggest and most obvious visible evidence of his change.

I wonder if he would have done the same even if he knew it would hurt (not believing HOW MUCH it would hurt, since he a) doesn’t have personal experience and b) feels disassociated from them anyway). I suspect he would have likely been less enthusiastic about it though, probably trying with one feather first.

Mage Cat’s comment last week about the difficulty of flying undetected in the UK got me thinking. (Yes, this is a dangerous thing.)

If medallion-users such as gryphons can’t fly and remain disguised, and monsters such as harpies can’t magically disguise themselves at all, how do any of them get out and stretch their wings, when they’re surrounded by mundanes? Nobody wants to be plastered across the tabloids or caged in a laboratory.

What they need is invisibility magic. If somebody like, hypothetically, Tim, managed to make an amulet of invisibility (I am not using the “R” word), Abby could fly to Cardiff under her own power to visit her parents. Tony could practice aerial maneuvers over Mersey Estuary.

Of course, an invisible flier must bear full responsibility for avoiding mid-air collisions. (That is, unless you trust a bugbear air-traffic controller not to get his jollies by arranging near-disasters.)

unless it makes you selectively invisible to “normals”

What about the unturned? They’ed probably freak.

oh yea, totally, but it’s a fun way to pick out the unturned!

Keep flying above them ’til free delivery to the nearest asylum has taken place, then pick them from there? :-S (Note that we’re talking “invisible”, not “inAUDIBLE”, so swooping down and starting to ask them for name, address, family history, and to stop running away screaming bloody murder still might be a problem.)

I’m just going to say from the looks of things, I’m going to like Blanche’s mother. She has that calm practicality under pressure that good mothers’ do. I also like her character design as well, kudos to Sfé Monster for the design as well as Kory for the execution thereof. This turning thing can cause more problems than I had thought about. He basically has a whole new body and biology that he is completely unfamiliar with. He is going to need a knowledgeable support group like a certain sphinx. I wonder if she knows she can’t trim her feathers?

Considering Michelle can actually use a medallion, I doubt that’s as much of a concern for her. (That, and flying is one of the few things she seems to enjoy about the whole sphinx thing.) Tony has to deal with those things 24/7. (Imagine sleeping with those!)
I have a feeling Michelle may re-asses her mopiness over her situation if she met Tony. (At least a little. In fact, Skin Deep never really talked about so-called “monsters” until the Exchanges arc, so does Michelle or even Greg and Merial know about them?)

Why is she using teensy little scissors? Tweezers probably wouldn’t be big enough, but why not pliers?

Now I’m wondering about Blanche’s dad, he mentioned his mother a number of times in the last arc we saw him in. However we never really heard about his dad,I don’t recall Blanche’s dad being brought up at all in any previous pages.

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