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Reunion Page 4: Flashback

Reunion Page 4: Flashback published on 68 Comments on Reunion Page 4: Flashback

Creatures that are born with wing-arms are a lot more coordinated with them, and often will use their feet (if they have bird feet) to help their dexterity. Anthony’s only had his for a couple weeks so he’s clumsy and he hates them!

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Still sassy!

Anthony, you had a very good reason to try and trim them. If you thought they were like hair, then I don;t see the flaw in his logic. Maybe the flaw was his smarts; he thought feathers were like hair all the time. Blanco’s mom is right, he needs an anatomy lesson

Anthony should have been given the wing care and anatomy lesson sooner.
At least Adelle will set him right for caring for his wings.

The manners are the first thing to go when you’re in pain; aren’t they. I’m sure your mother taught you better than that Anthony. Speaking of whom, you’re going to have to tell her about all this soon.

Couldn’t he fold his wings back and reach his hands forward so they were in a very tight v shape with the opening of the v behind him? That would limit his reach, but for some situations it might have been less clumsy.

No Dragon.
Anthony’s entire arms are wings. His wrists no longer work. The wing tips are the backs of his hands. And they’re still too new for him to have worked out such fine control. In addition to that, he’s also still likely hoping that Tim will be able to undo what that Nokk Medallion caused. So there’s little seeming sense in learning.

Then there are the smug, lucky creatures that have normal arms and just have wings sprouting from their backs.

No TB. The really lucky ones are the ones who are born with wings. They get to grow up knowing how to use and care for them.
The slightly less lucky are born human, grow up in an Avalon, and have an expected Turning, gaining wings.
Anthony is in the unluckiest group. Born human, raised human, physically transformed unexpectedly.

I’m not sure how this counteracts the point. Creatures with arms and wings still have to have an easier time than creatures with only wings. Kory’s comment said that being born with wing-arms helps dexterity but she doesn’t say they have dexterity perfectly equal to a ‘normal’ arm. Even with a learning curve for those who have turned, they still have potential to learn how to coordinate six limbs. The others I see as having a probable limit to their ability, even if it’s a skillful one.

most things in your life is habitual, wing arms would most likely never be a problem if you where used to them, dexterious or not.

for example do you open door with your feet?
probably not since you’re used to opening them with your hand, but if you’re agile and used to it opening them with your feet it’s quite easy.
being turned is bad because you haven’t figured out HOW to do things in a good way with and keep doing things as you’re used to and that does not work.
another example could be if you use a backpack lot or not, if you’re used to it you wont be clearing the shelves whenever you turn around in a store.

and as an extra point, learning how to use new muscles (if you grew new limbs), is hard, i mean really hard.

this is how i see it though

Please don’t point the scissors at Anthony’s eyes! He already lost his feathers! XD

It was established on the last page that those are hemostats, made for gripping and locking, similar to vise-grips (though the locking mechanism is different), so they’re slightly less pointy. However, your point still stands- pointy objects, however blunt, near his eyes while he’s in pain and prone to flinching- not the best idea. Still they weren’t there long, and he was aware of them, so I’m sure she’ll be properly careful.

I can’t believe I am just now noticing Blanche’s Daft Punk shirt *fail*

I also feel slightly bad for laughing at Tony in the toothpaste panel, but it was just too amusing seeing him cursing at it that it was impossible not to :P

I am sad that we have no witty alt text this time, but the page comment did answer a question I had anyways, so it evens out.

Hunh. I just thought of a thing – does Blanche’s mom have vitiligo in human-form?

Probably not. She’s piebald, not sick

You misunderstood what Scyllarus was asking, Weirdo.
Would Adelle’s midform and fullform piebald colouring, appear as vitiligo in human form.

You know, something weird is bothering me… Why are the pages featuring Blanche’s mother tagged with Tony’s mother’s name?
I’ve also seen her addressed here in the comments as Adelle… Wasn’t her name Edith, if I recall Sfé Monster’s profile correctly?

(…God, imagine if Tony had tried to shave off those downy sideburns. Ouchhh.)

Hadn’t even thought about brushing teeth with wings.. an excersize in bopping yourself in the face and arm, that is. Poor harpies. Is there a dentist in the avalon?

Speaking of teeth and on the subject of just what exactly Tony is, it looks like his teeth are still pretty human. That rather contrasts with Abbie’s mouth full of sharp teeth. That might be a typical difference between Aellean and Okypetian harpies. It’s hard to say since we haven’t really seen a normal Aellean harpy up close aside from the two-panel appearance of one back in Orientations, when the art style was a good bit different, but I think it’s evidence that Tony is something else altogether.

Are you thinking a possible new species? My theory is that the farther is something similar or that the mother has a horrible secret from her son.

It could be that Anthony is like Ike- ike just happens to have 2 monster parents. Maybe monsters + humans result in some weird cross-species, thus the teeth. Although I think if this were the case there would be more human attributes mixed in with the harpy ones than just teeth. I figure he’s an allean harpy, I mean they have to reproduce SOMEHOW, maybe the males are kept a secret because of racial xenophobia on behalf of the allean harpies? But if we’ve seen one in an avalon, I don’t think this is that likely either. We will just have to wait and see!

Sorry, ike has one monster + one amulet having monster person for parents. I forget what the monster folks with amulets are called as a whole.

I don’t think there’s a term for amulet holders yet (I just call them all “mythics,” and if they don’t have an amulet and can’t shapeshift, then they’re also monsters) but while Ike’s mother isn’t a monster, she’s a natural shapeshifter, and doesn’t need (or therefore have) an amulet.

Food for thought it’s stated that tony’s father was a sailor, thusly could have come from anywhere in the world and in any story i’ve read with harpies on them they’re often on secluded ISLANDS and maybe Tony’s dad was the son of a harpy and maybe his mommy has something in her that is unturned, thus triggering the loaded chain reaction and turning him even from the slightest touch of an amulet

More precisely, Ike is the son of a shape-shifter and a monster who was using sorcery to appear human at the time. While there was a considerable amount of magic involved, no of it was medallion based.

And, personally, I call non-humans with the use of medallions medallion-wearers.

Various reader questions have made it pretty clear that harpies reproduce with males of various half-human-looking species. Abbie’s father was a satyr, for example. I can’t see very much sense in specifically hiding just the males from more general knowledge when monsters of both genders often have problems with other people’s xenophobia.

I, personally, find the fact that Tony’s bird parts are modeled after frigatebirds, which are tropical seabirds, very interesting when added to the fact that Tony’s father was a sailor and absent from his life. However, I’m not inclined to speculate much until we have more information, which is likely to be forthcoming over the course of this chapter.

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