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2018 Reader Question 100

2018 Reader Question 100 published on 14 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 100

Reader Question 100! I think this is officially the longest hiatus that Skin Deep has been on in the past 10 years! Thank you again for all of your patience with me during this time, I know it’s a long break but I terribly needed it, hah hah.

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Do cryptids in general find Dungeons and Dragons offensive?

Well, as a human, I prefer to play non-human races, and the DMs usually have me fighting undead or bandits/raiders (human or otherwise ). I feel that any sentient race will have its share of ner-do-wells and baddies that warrant a good thwacking. I think some of the official race descriptions might be a little offensive could use some editing. The amount of playable races is a bit limited, but if your DM is good at balancing ideas for homebrew races the possibilities are endless. I think that with a creative mind there is no reason D&D would be any less fun for cryptids than it is for humans.

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