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2018 Reader Question 101

2018 Reader Question 101 published on 8 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 101

Some day I’ll do a story about Zeke. He’s a miserable old fool but he loves his baby girl Stanley.

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One thing that would really make Zeke stick out here in the UK is his name. Of course, this would only come to the fore if he ever got introduced to anyone outside the LA and its circle.

Are there many mythic creatures that say “screw society” and live a feral/wild existence with their nearest animal kin? Selkies living in a pod of wild seals, totems living as their animal selves…

How does size translate with a medallion and without? Hank the chickadee totem is smallish for his human form, does he become small as a songbird when in full form? Are there size limitations for medallions in general?

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