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2018 Reader Question 99

2018 Reader Question 99 published on 11 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 99

The best part about having emotionally abusive family members is joking about them to others who understand and will laugh along knowingly.

In that sense, Ike and Greg have a lot in common. Except don’t say anything bad about Greg’s mom, that woman is a saint and Greg will headbutt anyone who says otherwise.

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That reminds me… I don’t think we’ve met the Lyon brothers’ parents. What are they like? Do they know what’s running in the family, or which one of them is the Nemean lion? Has that one got, or considered getting, a medallion? Come to that, are there any other Lyon siblings or relative out there…?

Speaking of Mums, how’s Michelle’s doing? Last time we saw her, she was sobbing… I hope she’s ok.

That was back some time in November 2004, some 7 months ago.
Homecoming –
You’d expect that Michelle would have at least seen her mum, Janice, before the trip to England in June 2005 for Illumination.
Though speaking of mums, the other that I would very much like to know how she is doing, is Anthony’s mum, Ophelia.

I still think it’d be really interesting if we got to see flashbacks of what it was like when Greg turned. We know his family (except his mom) sucks, but I’d really be interesting in seeing just how Greg’s mom handled that, cause she sounds like she was probably a badass for standing up against the entire family for her son.

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