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2018 Reader Question 103

2018 Reader Question 103 published on 14 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 103

This is also the reason why Nixies and Nokks frequently wear skirts, so they don’t destroy their pants when they shapeshift their legs into tails. Ricky, the Dogpatch Avalon Nokk, wears tear-away sports pants for this reason as well.

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92% ! Yeah, nearly there.

Has there been medallion wearers playing in horror films? Or in ‘freak’ shows? Bug bears come to mind, of course, but those with animal shapes could easily play in films with a false owners and make some dosh as a tame animal doing tricks on commend.

Are there Dullahan in the Skin Deep Universe? Also in reference to reader question 98 did anyone know that it is Heracles in Greek and Hercules is the Roman name? His name literally translates to Glory of Hera, given by his mother in hopes Hera wouldn’t totally mess up his life as a form of revenge for Zeus cheating on her. (Spoilers it back fired.) But his actually birth name was Alcaeus. I feel that since everyone refers to him as a Greek hero he should be more known using his Greek variation.

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